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Pensées from Pascal

Berkeley, Friday, August 2, 2019 4:22 PM

Transcripts from Blaise Pascal’s Pensées:

“The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know. We feel it in a thousand things. I say that the heart naturally loves the Universal Being, and also itself naturally, according as it gives itself to them; and it hardens itself against one or the other as its will. You have rejected the one, and kept the other. Is it by reason that you love yourself?

It is the heart which experiences God, and not the reason. This, then, is faith: God felt by the heart, not by the reason.

Faith is a gift of God; do not believe that we said it was a gift of reasoning. Other religions do not say this of their faith. They only gave reasoning in order to arrive at it, and yet it does not bring them to it.

The knowledge of God is very far form the love of Him.

Heart, instinct, principles.” (Pascal, 1670, 277-281)


Pascal, B., 1670. Pensées, WF Trotter (trans.) in 1958, introduction by TS Eliot. The edition I read was from Dover, 2003.

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Appreciation to the Jews who listened and believed

Berkeley, Thursday, August 1, 2019 2:16 AM

I want to say thanks Elizabeth and Zechariah for being good Jews and faithful to God. Zachariah listened the announcement of the angel Gabriel. He believed, well actually, he hesitate a little bit in believe, what was announced to him. His prayers were heard by the Lord. The Lord granted them, at their old age, that Elizabeth will bear a child, who will come with the Spirit and power of Elijah, to correct the paths of the world and announce the coming of the Lion of Judea. With his strong faith in the announcement, but as a penitence for the small disbelief during it, when Zechariah questioned how was going to happened it, Gabriel ‘commended to’ Zechariah as follows: “I was sent to speak to you and to announce to you this good news. But now you will be speechless and unable to talk until the day these take place, because you did not believe my words, which will be fulfilled at their proper time” (Lk 1, 19-20)

After Elizabeth gave birth, and everyone in the community were full of joy, and amazed on Lords mercy. At the Circumcision Ceremony, Brit Milah, which is Jewish ceremony, which happens on the 8 day after the baby is born, their relatives and the community were going to call the child Zechariah, in honor of his father. But Elizabeth said, “No. He will be called John” But the community said but “there is no one among your relatives who has this name”. So they made sign, asking to the “speechless” Zechariah, what he wished him to be called. Zechariah asked for a tablet and wrote, “John is his name”. Immediately his mouth was opened his tongue freed, and he spoke blessing God (Lk 2, 57-64).

I want to thank Mary’s parents, Anna and Joachim for being good Jews and faithful to God. I want to thank Joseph for being a good Jew and faithful to God. I want to thank Mary for being a good Jew, faithful to God, for believing in the announce of Gabriel, and giving us Jesus, the Lord, who came Himself to announce His Kingdom.

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Journal 7/24/’19

Berkeley, Wednesday, July 24, 2019 4:50 PM

I am heading to campus in few minutes to continue writing my exam.

I got distracted today by the the Mueller testimony. Besides going into detail. It is good to be back to what seriousness of service is.

I also want to write something that came to mind after sleeping yesterday with the full window open. I live in a studio, so the window size is all the wall. I left it open because as a precaution of the air quality after burning the pan the whole day. I also wanted that the air recirculates inside. Over the last two years occurred destructive fires in the region, such as Tubbs fire in October 2017, and camp Fire in November 2018. We do not what might happen this year, but we need to be cautious. In addition to extreme solidarity with all the people at the places who got affected, the air quality also becomes bad all over the area. Somehow I did not thought in the past about how the homeless people, i.e. in Berkeley, face these air quality. While I use to live in a place one block from campus, and during about a week, in November 2017, that the air quality got bad, we were advised to stay at home, or to avoid outdoors activities. How the homeless people can be help in those situations?

While my role with watershed management and planning might have a preventing action on managing those wildfires, which would help to control things. In the case of emergency, are places to give a the homeless a place of shelter? How also the homeless people react to those situations? Are they willing to receive some help?