Journal 3/22/2020

Berkeley, Sunday March 22, 2020 11:36 PM

I took a quasi sabbath. Time for reading, buying groceries for perhaps other week. Think. Appreciate a beautiful sunset from the roof top of the building where I currently live. Organize the groceries. I also took a around 4:00 PM, which was intended to be a short nap of 15 minutes but I sneezed the alarm twice, until I finally got one of these spam calls, which I of course I hate, but I was grateful today, as then I went for buying groceries.

Yet, my sleeping schedule was terrible last night from around 5 AM to 11 AM. Of course I am embarrassed sharing that, but I do not want to let it pass easily, and so shift to normal schedule.

Another thing that it is brighter when I describe its meaning rather than its attendance, and it is more enriched when the prayer action is done by oneself. I am sharing here that Bishop Robert Barron is broadcasting mass. Search online, you will find the sources. He is not only a good preacher, but if you understand mass has been a sacred celebration that has been preserved for 2020 years. It has more meaning that just preservation because is alive. It could have been extinct in every generation. Even priest make a vote a celibacy, I think. The Eucharist has been live, because it is true, it is meaningful. It is life.

So I want to encourage to people to fully attend, now online the 40 minutes of the mass. And not to being discouraged by my late wake up. I will shift it back to 6 AM, and then to 5:30 AM.

I get the situation of the pandemic, which is devastating. But I do not think that churches should close. Eucharist is for the people. We care about of priests of course. We care about our vulnerable community. I wonder how I can really get that not giving public Eucharist in those times is the right thing.

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