Journal 7/18/’19

Berkeley, Friday, July 19, 2019 3:02 AM

When I ask myself if should I keep this blog public or private, I got a strong voice to say private.

Why should I make public my daily questions, and ideas. While there are some inspiration on them, sometimes the ideas are not conclusions.

Governor Brown, who I admire very much, in his final remarks before leaving office said:

Avoid overexposure: “One thing I learned was to have an open-ended conference every week”. This is because sometimes the ideas are not fully developed. Reporters and people have a nasty habit to call in one, when one contradicts oneself.

“It is hard to be consistent in the face of an ever-complex, ever-unfolding story.” This is a lesson for myself.

Further he said: “I am not here to make news. I am here to enlighten”

Gov. Brown regarding money: “Because the more money you have, the better you feel. The better you feel the more you spend. But at that very moment, you should have stopped.”


Naguorney, A. 2019. Article about Jerry Brown: ‘What Will I not Miss?’ In California, Long Farewell from Jerry Brown. New York Times. January 3, 2019

CalMatters, 2018. Five remarkable candid tips from departing Gov. Jerry Brown. December 28, 2018

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