Journal 7/6/2019

Berkeley, Monday July 8, 2019 4:38 PM

Catching up with posts and writing out ideas/criteria. I write the day title as July 6, because I have been trying to write a post per day. Often will be about my activities or experiences, but some times also about criteria and thoughts.

I believe that the confessions stablished by the Jewish traditions, since Aaron, I believe, and then followed up, with the Catholic doctrine, where we can even can found a full work of Confessions, such as the one by Saint Augustine (c. 400 A.D.) have been a great self-reflection practice, and purification of spirit, which has shaped our society. Even many years before (c. 1,000 B.C.), we can find terrific and honest confessions from Kind David, i.e. read the the Psalms, where Kind David deposit all his faith in God.

I am grateful with the authors and people who have openly wrote about their lives, more recent examples are C.S. Lewis.

As humans we are sinners. It is good to make our confessions, not necessarily only private with a priest, but I believe that we need to talk with the person that we have offended if that is the case, and to share our struggles in our community, with people of our confidence, and why not if we are strong enough to make public confessions, i.e. write an autobiography were we share our weakness.

We can let others to talk about our strengths. Those are easier to see to the public. But we know better than anyone our sins and our weakness.

It is not only about the final judgment. it is about being humble and honest. Getting advice. And teaching in a society, to whom would like to read or to listen, what primarily is right or wrong, from the heart.

In that regard, although I have written this post in between interruptions, which I hope did not trunk my flow of building an argument, I agree that confessions should take place with a priest, who has better powers than us, as an intermittent to God, but I disagree that confessions should be confined to that event. Neither should be impersonalized as some churches have a veil or a wood window where you never see the interlocutor. We seek for spiritual direction, as an any conversation requires eye-to-eye conversation.

If we know that we have offended someone, we must approach that person, I do not think that if we learned from our reflection that our actions have offended a person, is not enough to acknowledge in the confession. We should reach that person.

Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, and there recall that your brother has anything against you, leave your gift there at the altar, go first and be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift. Settle with your opponent quickly while on the way to court with him. Otherwise your opponent will hand you over to judge, and the judge will hand you over to the guard, and you will be thrown into prison. Amen, I say to you, you will not be released until you have paid the last penny” (Mt 5, 23-26)

I do agree that the sacrament of confession should remain as an active practice, otherwise we will have a society not able to self-reflect, and relying just on civil laws accusers or defenders, where is hard to know the human heart.

I believe in the forgiveness of sins.

I believe that we should be strong enough to acknowledge and to share our sins, outside of the confession. To make a truly act of constriction is to face our difficulties.

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