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Journal 3/25/’19

Berkeley, Monday March 25, 2019 7:10 PM

I am leaving from campus to home. I come to campus, Wurster Hall on a daily basis to advance with my research.

Not everyday is possible to write and to stay focused, however.

I just ordered my dinner, which will arrive at 7:30 PM home, and I will need to write further after dinner.

I am not feeling satisfied with my work today, rather a bit guilty.

I attended to a fire management seminar for two hours this afternoon. A initiative from Professor Radke, who is in my exam and dissertation committee.

Despite I do not work on fire management, it was interested to be there to learn the research methods and purposes from the European research who visited campus today. It was also interesting to observe the questions and answer interactions within the experts in the audience.

That is good, and always is refreshing to be in a talk, with a tough audience.

However, in the morning, I think I spent way too much time on updating myself with the new elected authorities in the provinces and cities from Ecuador. I paid attention to the profiles from two recent elected authorities.


Starting the conversation to meet deadlines

Berkeley, Thursday, April 4, 2019 4:17 PM

I have advanced far in my life. Thank you to many opportunities I have taken. Since early ages, I started the tend to move a lot. Then after college, I went for two years in Belgium, and I then I came for studying a PhD in the US, at UC Berkeley.

I have had a life, were I have been very impulsive on making decisions, applying fast. Sometimes staying long nights for submitting works. As well, I have wasted few times in the internet, when then I needed to crunch further on my work. The internet wasting time is when I just opened videos or Twitter, for too much time, while important, they harmed my possibilities to advance faster. That peaked on Fall 2017, happened few times over Spring 2018. Since then, I almost overcome that bad habit. I rarely watch a youtube video, either from comedy or politics updates or a speech, which are the kind of videos I used to watch. Last time I spent a significant amount of time on those things were Sunday before Spring break, and Monday half morning of Spring break. The dates were March 24 and 25, 2019. The reason were that I wanted to update myself on the recent mid-term elections in Ecuador.

I came to the United States, and to UC Berkeley to do my research on sediment management on rivers. While obviously I can not work 24/7 on the topic, I have delayed mean important work debts that I need to fulfill. What was the motivation to procrastinate. Not enough time off over the weekends?

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How many things do I learn just in my daily interactions in the street

Berkeley, December 29, 2018 8:15 AM

Every single person has goals in life. Those goals become more serious when they are related with love and need.

It can be at the family level, or love for purpose in society which also exists.

I did a short visit of 6 days to Ecuador for Christmas and to renew my VISA.

Before traveling, I had just the time to move out from the dorm in a residence, International House, at Berkeley, where I used to live during my first 2.5 years at Berkeley. A wonderful experience, but it is time to get other responsibilities, and face more challenges in the daily life.

One of lessons that I saw during my trip in Ecuador was that connection to how people do their best daily to push forward in life for themselves and their families.

People wake up early. Because the government is not doing well, I knew at least one case that recently lost his job. His wife, who is my cousin, and he, have two kids, in the age range around 12 to 18 years old. My cousin who has a job at the airport security, which has different work shifts, was using the extra time for baking cookies and chocolates to sell in a Christmas market. They Christmas was a family working thing, this year. She was not well not by her cooking abilities neither by her caristma for selling things. I saw her, and taste the cookies and chocolates. Those are beautiful and taste things. Plus, she is full of life and enthusiasm.

I have seen other young couples, who are starting their marriage, under the difficult job situation, the wife is desigining dressess, and selling.

Of course, better that everyone has a stable job, or an already set up business for not doing things by urgency. However, the message here is how love can move so many things in life, create talents, improve skills.

I met a taxi driver in Quito. He was from Venezuela. He move to Quito with his wife and daughter. He was grateful for the opportunity to work. Even saying that he might be able to make $1,500 per month in Ecuador, which is OK to live in Ecuador, while in the USA start a new business can be complicated to him, or at least to reach the level to live OK. He was grateful that education system in Ecuador teaches a second language, English, in elementary school. He was feeling his daughter was receiving a good education.

I met another taxi driver, who failed in his marriage, plus he was a young Civil Engineer, to who, the Government has a huge debt for a unpaid contract. According to him, he was working during the day in Civil Engineering projects, and during the night as taxi driver, for paying debts, and get money for his daughter maintenance who lives with him.

I walk for streets, ate in restaurants, and was able to see, the people who work hard for gaining their daily lives. Responsible waiters, employees, bosses, etc. and some few irresponsible as well, who does not know well their job they have. Most people is responsible though.

While I of course, I am in an academic career, where people have trust their taxes in my education, and my capacity to contribute or critic for actions for having a better environment; it is very motivating to see all the stories of the people who also work hard in their lives, for surviving and getting some joy. The honest job, produces joy, and reinforces love.

While living outside from the residence. I observe more closely, each of the workers, from the trash collectors, business workers, bakery employes, supermarket employees, bus drivers, homeless, random citizens walking. Each has a purpose in their day.

There are so many things that I can learn by being more connected to the ‘street’, meaning in a higher interaction with buying things or markets, that enhance my day purpose as well.