Starting the conversation to meet deadlines

Berkeley, Thursday, April 4, 2019 4:17 PM

I have advanced far in my life. Thank you to many opportunities I have taken. Since early ages, I started the tend to move a lot. Then after college, I went for two years in Belgium, and I then I came for studying a PhD in the US, at UC Berkeley.

I have had a life, were I have been very impulsive on making decisions, applying fast. Sometimes staying long nights for submitting works. As well, I have wasted few times in the internet, when then I needed to crunch further on my work. The internet wasting time is when I just opened videos or Twitter, for too much time, while important, they harmed my possibilities to advance faster. That peaked on Fall 2017, happened few times over Spring 2018. Since then, I almost overcome that bad habit. I rarely watch a youtube video, either from comedy or politics updates or a speech, which are the kind of videos I used to watch. Last time I spent a significant amount of time on those things were Sunday before Spring break, and Monday half morning of Spring break. The dates were March 24 and 25, 2019. The reason were that I wanted to update myself on the recent mid-term elections in Ecuador.

I came to the United States, and to UC Berkeley to do my research on sediment management on rivers. While obviously I can not work 24/7 on the topic, I have delayed mean important work debts that I need to fulfill. What was the motivation to procrastinate. Not enough time off over the weekends?

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