Defining success and manhood

Berkeley, March 3, 2019 4:05 PM

Looking to the politics and to the daily life of people appearances, I only have conclude that primary success is to find the true and speak it.

Coherence is a complicated aspect in life. It is more important to fight in life for what is practical and good for society.

The definition of manhood has evolved over time, sometimes focusing on what man looks like in contrast that what is our role in society. Overall to be a man on earth means to assume responsibilities, to fight for the true, and working hard for the good seek of oneself and of others who depends on us.

Muscularity could be an aspect in manhood to account for certain duties, but just not being afraid to confront hard things, stand up vigorously to correct paths or trends from society or daily lives that should go in other directions, and assuming responsibilities at home, work, and society would be among the most important aspects of manhood.

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