Time and debts

Berkeley, Friday March 1, 2019 2:06 PM (for few minutes) and later continued at 4:10 PM

I was born in a family, where there were not overdue payments.

More than a solvency or acquisition potential, the key aspects was organization.

My elementary school, mid-school, and high school fees were paid in the first day of the month, as well as any other fees.

Same I have learnt to not have payments due. This is not about not having loans. Loans work, it is about paying fees on time, or ahead of it.

I have learnt well the home finance lessons, and make my payments as soons as possible, and avoid having debts.

However what was new for my own path is time debts.

In academics, and I bet in other activities beyond academia, I am requested to get done multiple tasks by deadlines.

I have found myself lately passing some of the deadlines, as there even some prior work cumulated.

I need to learn how to pay my time debts. I do not if that would require a gap year, but honestly, I do not want to have in my to do list, old things, old reimbursement or old promises/commitments that I have not fulfilled. Just finding the time for doing them takes time.

Finding time to pay time debts is a static time allocation, more if these time debts are overdue for a long time.

The timing of doings things is as important as the quality of the products, or of the quality of the activities. Often, if these things were not done on time are not longer relevant, but they still need to be done as they were a prior commitment, and they are taking time for relevant commitments in the present.

I am looking forward to improve my time, and reduce long term time debts, and rather push towards have a more ‘checking account’ of time, which I should be able to manage efficiently to get productive ‘time savings’.

The long term time debts stuck the fluency of the ‘checking time account’.

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