Journal 3/25/’19

Berkeley, Monday March 25, 2019 7:10 PM

I am leaving from campus to home. I come to campus, Wurster Hall on a daily basis to advance with my research.

Not everyday is possible to write and to stay focused, however.

I just ordered my dinner, which will arrive at 7:30 PM home, and I will need to write further after dinner.

I am not feeling satisfied with my work today, rather a bit guilty.

I attended to a fire management seminar for two hours this afternoon. A initiative from Professor Radke, who is in my exam and dissertation committee.

Despite I do not work on fire management, it was interested to be there to learn the research methods and purposes from the European research who visited campus today. It was also interesting to observe the questions and answer interactions within the experts in the audience.

That is good, and always is refreshing to be in a talk, with a tough audience.

However, in the morning, I think I spent way too much time on updating myself with the new elected authorities in the provinces and cities from Ecuador. I paid attention to the profiles from two recent elected authorities.

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