Trying to get understanding on the the current events

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I truly believe that everything has a reason to be.

It is hard to understand at the moment, but the outcome has learnings.

Today, I have a meeting with the Faculty of my department to check on my advances.

My work and not work of the last months gave us the opportunity to talk about what is good and how to overcome weak points.

It was not, however, not the work undone the focus on attention.

Somehow, I have narrow down my research prospectus in order than some of them can believe that it is feasible to overcome this battle. Many of them think that I am working in the right direction, but that is not the point here of my analysis. The results will speak themselves about my research.

I approached the meeting, from the beginning, completely open to acknowledge my weaknesses, completely open to criticism.

In difference with other times, where I had been much more defensive in the topic, I have taking the time to analyze deeply on my daily routine, on why I am doing this, on my goals.

As I anticipated, it was the first time that I presented the topic as my own.

I also presented what I do not know. I shared what I have struggled with.

My goal was not at all to receive pity of anyone. That is not a way of life. What I was doing is acknowledging my responsibilities and explaining where I am, and what I have not achieved.

I received excellent support on what to do. Even, I receive routines advices from the faculty.

Beyond that, I really feel that I am walking with the support not only from my committee, but from the department itself.

How to gain support. Don’t fear weaknesses. Don’t fear failure. Just show the person you are, and yes be prepared to seize the moment.

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