Just posting the drafts

Berkeley, Monday May 13, 2019 9:58 PM

You can skip this post. What a start, but this is only to update that I moved the last two posts from the drafts to public.

One was on March 25. A day I felt I did not good work. So I was expressing the guilty of day, which lasted few days, but anyways. I do not why I did not posted right away. I remembered it was a Monday. I ordered food at home, so I left Wurster fast. I made wanted to add something else, but at the end things tasks that are not finished on that moment are delayed forever. That is why I like the philosophy of my blog of posting my first drafts. Although, I might be transitioning to more research oriented topic, and not just related with my research that I do at sun light, but still using electricity.

I am switching the next couple of posts to answer and to post some of the questions that I have in mind. Those are in the field of theology, philosophy, and the later would be more cultural. Still, simple questions, where I aim to continue exploring a reasonable faith, but still unconditional.

Another draft that I left on hold, says May 7. It was an update on my research, and how acknowledging mistakes, allows one see. I just shared an experience from last week. I think I went to a review session, by the point that I was writing, but now a week after, I better post as it was, rather to add something to it. That post belonged to the daily updates.

Posted in Day.

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