A professional site. For what?

Berkeley, Saturday, February 29, 2020 0:20 AM

A professional site? For what?

There might be a website for providing services, when needed if the demand or my daily actions lead to it.

The human cannot not separate from the between the professional and other face.

I still think that the ultimate goal is to being able to to speak what the heart thinks. (Mk 2, 8)

Of course, if we do not have something good to say, better to stay quiet (Mt 15, 11).

Without practicing and without making mistakes of course it is hard to learn. While the route could be embarrasing. The good purposes probe to be way of endurance. I forgot to mention that reflection, awareness, repetance, and forgiveness I think are the way to identy mistakes that hold one back, and to find the way.

Wrting topics either comes from a courisity or a developed from a received question. Today, my friend M.F., to who I met for breakfast for catching perhaps after about 11 months, asked the questions about the professional site. So here i am my thoughts.

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