Account and filter of mistakes

Berkeley, Saturday February 29, 2020 00:55 AM

I think that saying something is fine when prior saying even does not know that is stupid but it is a pure thought, out of the curiosity or of random guess.

If the stupid thought one knows that it is already stupid or inappropriate or does not make fully sense, even citing the source, one needs to be fully aware of situation, as by mentioning it does not contribute but rather means nothing to the the concurrent words of the moment better to discard it than adding digressions or lack of clarity to a discussion.

I continue to insist that only the heart that speaks. It even burns and so deletes bad things that one hears, receives, but the contrary meaning doing wrong if one knows that is wrong that definitely one defiles and remember.

For staying alert, one needs to be completely engaged. Even when on the aftermath of short sleep days.

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