Taming The Beast

Berkeley, February 28, 2020 3:10 AM

I guess [what a weak start -> I guess?] Come on! Just said things straightforward as they are.

Well [Well?] [Again another weak start. Come on Chente!] Directo al grano. I love that saying. While English speaking are more straightforward, when they actually will say the things. Ecuadorian speakers say the things but not always straightforward. Though, I insist is very hard of generalize.

What I wrote above in [], sorry I do not know their name in English, the closest one, should be squared parenthesis. I identified something else to add to my vocabulary there. What I was saying, the kind of comments in the [], are sometimes part of my notes, when tracking my activities.

Here there was a demonstration, as I questioned myself, speaking or adding uncertain words as I guess or well. Or actually, etc. On the other hand, I am not the abstract of a scientific paper talking live, so it is interesting to add some colorful words within my natural way of expressing.

Natural is a key word, as every word fits who speaks. And so who speaks it is responsible for it. It is not about the interpreter, but definitely there is certain people for saying things. things that are key for saying thing things are understanding them, and so owning them. Otherwise, our saying my known be our own thoughts, even without citations.

Nothing of above matters, and I did not say any reasonable thing above anyways. What it matters is what I am reporting hereafter.

I missed a deadline today. My second deadline I missed in a class in this semester. I submitted the assignment five hours late, not necessarily because I was working on it on those extra five hours, but because it was due at 2 PM, and I have classes from 11 AM to 2PM, and from 2 to 3:30 PM.

So I missed my 11 AM opportunity. Then, I my rushed my lab at noon, for making 20 minutes available for finishing it before 2 PM. I did not. There is not excuse. A lack of prioritization, as there are seven days for finishing those, and just of couple of hours are needed for.

While I invested several hours this week, for something that is unrelated to my courses and activities, but something I enjoying doing, which is writing on LaTeX. Of course, there is more than that, but that was a source of extra time spending.

I do know, actually, I am not Taming the Beast yet, which is a title of LaTeX manual for bibliography references, and which I tame quite well. I will keep using LaTeX for typing some of the documents. This is a case specific thing, as with the information I missed my deadline today, I actually do not type my thoughts in LaTeX, but inDesign. Indesign, it sounds very feminine. No thoughts, no feeling about that, just using the right software for the the right purpose.

Regarding LaTeX, it is not necessarily about taming the beast, but timing the beast. Perhaps the beast is not LaTeX or any other inventions, which I really enjoy learning and applying, but the Beast might be myself, and making easier to read and so to train, and so growth. I have gave a so hard time to others who have made efforts to understand me.

I will make a full stop here, because it is time to be already sleeping, not to mention that the time to wake up is that far neither.

Despite these complains, I think it was a fantastic day.

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