Reflections on history, development, and growth

Berkeley, July 3, 2019 12:26 PM

To contribute with substantive knowledge to the present, and to make good decisions, we need to dig deeper in the history, the more we deeper we go into the history, the better we can inform the present. It is like a tree. Its roots grows and it grows, and it continue growing it roots also grow. Thus, it is not we can act in the present just after learning history, as we move further, we arrive to points that we must learn about history to be able to continue growing. Both complete small decisions forward, are based in small history; big decisions forward, likely need a deeper history roots.

There are times that we disconnect as well. Unlikely with an analogy of a tree then, a solo standing branch is likely to be drought and end up drying. We do not if a cut branch will develop roots again and produce leaves if we put it back to to the soil. Do humans have always an opportunity to reconnect and grow again?

Regarding growing and development speed:

Anyone who had been or have led a hiking group in the mountains or in the wilderness knows the danger than a member will be lost and how it would change the experience of all. Then what is the golden rule for the walking pace? The last or the slower member set the pace. Does it makes weaker a person? Not necessarily. You set strong people in the front and in the back.

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