Journal 7/3/2019

Berkeley. Wednesday, July 3, 2019 2:21 AM

Life is a war, and by that I mean to take every activity seriously, and give ourselves the best to it.

Who is not in war, can stay watching TV, or in any other passive activity, which would not necessarily allow him/her to growth.

It is incredible how the power of love can move a person or many.

The following quote, and the whole article, caught my attention the other day:

A saint’s heart is broken by every little sorrow and sin. A saint’s heart is also so strong that not even death can break it. It is indestructible because it’s so breakable.” (Kreeft, 1987)


Kreef, P. 1987. “What is a Saint?” National Catholic Register. (October 1987). I read it on about July 1, 2019 from this website

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