Journal 7/4/’19

Berkeley, Friday, July 5, 2019 1:22 AM

It belongs to July 4, 2019

If any few happened today.

Yesterday, I fall asleep, as I intended to push myself to finish reading the apology from Socrates, but when I was in half of it, i also wanted additional background, motivated on what happened before his trial, and after watching a short play of his apology. Then, I started reading his dialogue with Euthyphro.

I fall asleep later, when I was about to do my night prayer. I was too tired. I just decided to lay on the bed, for a second, then suddenly was 6:30 AM. I fall asleep with the lights on, and also next and on top of some washed clothes that I still have to organize and put them in the closet.

On the floor, I have a map of the United States, that I got on Sunday, a much better version, that I got two Sundays ago, but still need to paste it on the wall.

After reorganizing things, I incredible fall asleep until 3 PM.

Last night I went to the supermarket, Safeways, after submitting my daily writing. I just got on time, 10:45 PM, as they close at 11 PM. I really need supplies for today, because as expected few things were going to be opened today. For example Poulet was closed.

Well, I got stuff for breakfast and for the meals as well. I also wanted a dessert. I got three pieces of small balls of ice cream, with some kind of mango inside. First time I tried those ice creams, though they are not big, three at once were too much.

Today, I cooked rice and pork that I got yesterday. I was thinking in which protein should I get, as the fish section was closed at that time. I usually get salmon. I have read several of the Spanish expeditions in the 16th and 17th centuries, they brought pigs with them. Then, it should be a good protein, as the Spanish explored and settled in quite far distances at that time. So, I got pork.

Yesterday, I was reading as well Aquinas, outside of his firs book, where he explains about God, I was reading the book two of the Summa Contra Gentiles series, which is about Creation. I will talk here not about the content, but the magnificent style of Thomas Aquinas for holding arguments and writes continuously. I bet these were his only focus, regarding writing at that time. It will be hard to hold the continuous arguments if he start a simultaneous project, but that is a curiosity question regarding methods open to answer at some time.

Aquinas was a good reader and student, in the sense of understanding his works, of Aristotle, Augustine. He should have understood very well Mohamed and the Catholic opposition of the time as well for developing his arguments.

Today, I read a bit of Blaise Pascal. Over my time as hydraulic engineer practitioner, and working with dams, on the side of design, rather on the side of sediment trapping, and allocation as I do now, and when I use to teach physics, I use to test Pascal theories in the lab. It is very interesting to reconnect dots. He was fascinated with Torricelli theory of pressure, and with the barometer. I use to ask my students to create their own barometer and to measure the pressure. Great times.

Pascal wrote a book on Theology in his last days, Pensees. Today, I also learning, from a post from the Berkeley’s Math department, that Pascal also wrote another prior book in philosophy, outside of his mathematical and physics work: Provinciales.

After done some edits on my own article on watershed planning, I still went to campus, very late, about 9:10 PM. I submitted my work from there, and advanced a bit more, until returning home about midnight.

I finished reading the letter of independence from the United States, which was written by Thomas Jefferson, and among the people who signed so far the only one who I know about, to now, is Benjamin Franklin.

I remembered to write and sent an important mail, about a payment in Ecuador. I hope I will get it some day. In my priorities the filling forms is not on the top. Then comes a problem of timing.

I still want to read a bit more of the last days of Socrates.

Tomorrow, should be a good working day.

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