Journal 6/25/’19

Berkeley, Wednesday, June 26, 2019 1:03 AM

It was a productive day.

Around 9:00 AM, I went to Safeways to get quickly fruit and bread. Though, I just ate the grafruit and the coffee. After, making the bed, and orgnaizing a bit home, I went to campus at 9:50 AM. I arrived 2 minutes late for a meeting. I arrived at 10:02 AM.

The meeting was very helpful. I got feedback, then I focused on my work.

While economics is not my area of expertise, it is an important aspects of planning. Quick learnings have clarified political ideologies, and I defined mine as well.

As I have expressed in prior posts, the problem with Marxism and the socialism is to reduce the human being and nature just to matter. Further, to make perfect plans for future, totalitarian, all encompassing, which covers social aspects, political aspects, science. All the variables in control, everything institutionalized. Then I will ask to the Marxists to plan my creativity as well.

The problem of these bureaucratic and propagandistic fallacy is that they build big government institutions for solving the problems of people. It creates people dependency on the state. I think that people can solve their own financial problems. We need regulations, yes. But I do not think that we need demagogues who offer houses and all the services to people, which often end up just a promises. It is true that there is plenty of talented people there, with excellent values, and willingness to serve. However that system does not provide freedom. The promise of equality is a bad promise. All of us are equal. It is up to the person to be free. Freedom not only come work and some rest, although work is a major aspect of freedom.

I have on my reading list for side time Friedrich Hayek, who had proposed interesting economic theories. But also will finish the books of the nationalist authors Engels and Marx, which I already got.

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