Journal 6/25/’19

Berkeley, Tuesday, June 25, 2019 00:12 AM

It belongs to Monday, June 24, 2019.

I aimed to sleep earlier. At least I am starting to write it earlier than prior days.

In previous posts, I talked about great lyrics in Spanish, and how I felt them in my skin. I stand on that, however, there are great songs in English that I am connected with. The thing is that I do not remember their lyrics by heart, which actually should be by memory, but that is the English expression, as easy as do with the ones in Spanish. then is a thing of the moment.

I love the song I’m a believer, which is original by the Monkees. I live more the cover by Smash Mouth, which is the soundtrack for Shrek movie. I need to learn and cover than song in the guitar. Smash Mouth has plenty of good songs.

I can go on with the English music preference, I will keep the list short. I like U2, and I admire Bono. Further, I enjoy the folk music. Some bands and single singers have made a great fusion. In general, I have great apreciation for singers, who also are song writers. They might have an additional story to express when they sing. I do put attention as much I can understand. However, I also admire the singing art itself.

Jason Mraz is a great singer. Over my college time I liked the groups Elefante and Mana, I given them honorary mention here.

Yesterday, i listen a folk song in the movies in San Francisco that I really liked. San Francisco – Scott McKenzie. It is San Francisco, written by John Phillips, and sung by Scott McKenzie. very catchy and gentle song, if you are or have been in San Francisco.

Lately, today I read some of planning theory. There was an interesting debate on the purpose of having a theory rather than the adaptive practice mainly between Professor John Friedmann and Professor Bish Sanyal. I raise questions over all totalitarian approaches. However, I still have a long way to learn more about the planning theory.

Unrelated, in the afternoon, I just took the book of Fairy Tales from Brothers Grimm from my bookshelf. Randomly, I opened in Cinderella. I read it, it is just 11 pages. Regardless the topic, those legendary tales bring values and wisdom.

[Update on Aug 8, 2019]: Perhaps this is one the of reason that I love the song I am a Believer, in addition to its lyrics themselves. While I like the Smash Mouth version, I love it, when it is sang by the Donkey, and celebrated by all the characters of Fairy Tales during Shrek and Fiona wedding. The guests were not only celebrating their wedding, but also their freedom from lord Farquaad, who tried to jail all the Fairly Tales characters. Shrek brought them to live again.

I also love Ranky Tanky, particularly their album Good Time, which was recently released. I had the opportunity to listen to them on April 12, 2019 at the Freight and Salvage cafe in Berkeley. I loved the songs Freedom; and Let me Be. While I had to leave early, the samples I listened were enough to love them. The band is full of talent and they feel the music they sing. The singer has a beautiful and colorful voice. Each individual has wonderful talents from the saxophone, drums, guitar. I really wish them the best. I am grateful for their lyrics and art.

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