Journal 6/23/’19

Berkeley, Monday, June 24, 2019 12:41 AM

It belongs to activities on Monday June 23, 2019.

I spent my day in San Francisco. Last night I stayed up until 3:50 AM. I woke up this morning at 8:43 AM, which is late.

I left to San Francisco after breakfast and quickly checking the newspaper. On my way in the BART, I updated my spreadsheet of data analysis of daily activities. I think I described in a post about 10 months.

After that quick update, I just focused on trip. I went for buying a book and another important item in the Paulist Bookstore, which is in China Town, next to the old Cathedral. Thus, the plan included going to mass first there. After mass, and after finding what I was looking for in the Paulist store, I went to explore to surroundings, and getting lunch.

After lunch, I went to the Californian Historical Society museum. It is a small place with short exhibitions. Today, they have pictures of the constructions of the railroad. While the pictures where interesting, beyond the years, there was not much learnings from, ah, apart that the recognition and gratitude to the constructers of the railroad, who were mainly inmigrants, likely, illegal. That is a key point that Californian Historical Society emphasize, and overall they do a good job on placing the historical importance of immigrants and diversity. Back to a detail that I skipped, the railroad was finished in 1869. It connected the East to the West. The first railroad in the west arrived few years before to Utah. Now, then, there was a railroad interconnected network system across the United States.

Then I went to explore my second park of the day. One block from the museum. Yerba Buena. That is a great place. The park is beautiful. Before lunch I visited a park in China town, which was OK, but there was a great honor to one priest who was great to the local community, and in other corner, a statue of Asiatic young women, called Women’s Column of Strength. The purpose of that statue is not in order that people do not forget Japanese abuses in the countries they invaded during World War II.

In Yerba Buena Park there is a beautiful artificial waterfall, underneath the water fall there are writings in the wall of the wishes of the local people in several languages, all translated to English.

There is an amc there in Yerba Buena park. I went there because there was a movie at 3:20 PM, the Last Black Man in San Francisco directed by Joe Talbot, and the main actor is Jimmie Fails.

The movie is about the house price peak, which has moved people away from their former houses. It was about one house, the house from Jimmie’s family.

I had an awkward situation going to the movie, that I gave my ticket at the entrance, and then I lost the half of the paper that the control guy returned to my. I remember that my seat was 12, but I forgot if it was in the 2nd or in the 4th raw. I sat in the 4th raw. It looked fine, during the 15 or 20 minutes of commercials, until when the movie were about to start a guy came to claim the seat 10. The cinema was quite full. So the two persons next to me said that they got 11 and 12. Then, I moved to the 2 second raw. Even before sitting when I just came in, I left for a minute to look for the tickets in my pockets as the lights were off already, as the commercials started. Anyways, not big deal.

Regarding the movie, it is true advocacy against gentrification. From a community narrative. It could be hard to understanding if one is not from San Francisco. However, the actors said that they have had a great acceptance and support in other cities across the United States.

What I started to narrate was the surprise for audience at the end of the movie, not that message, the surprise was that Joe Talbot, director, Jimmie Fails, main actor, and three additional actors came for fifteen minutes of questions and answers.

Jimmie personality is the same as in the movie. Quiet, thoughtful when speaks, humble, and determined.

I did not have questions, as I felt I need to know better the city to ask. At the end I was in San Francisco, to which I am a visitor, whereas plenty of the audience I imagined were locals. Regardless that I actually did not have relevant questions, beyond curiosity of the skating, and the house story. I congratulate them, though their presence and Q&A after the movie, made me appreciate it more than I did by the play itself.

Back to Berkeley, I stopped by the bookstore, Half-Price Books, which is interesting. I got two books on topics related to politic science, as I am working on the planning theory, and by curiosity as well. I can develop about them other time. I also got a book on economics, which has the same purpose. Further, I got the book of The constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence, which is small and handy. I also got a map for the wall, though I did not liked it, when I opened at home. I will get a better version of it.

At home I ate dinner, did laundry, set a screw in the wall to hang a cross, and then made a reimbursement that I have left for two weeks.

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