Journal 6/20/’19

Berkeley, Friday, June 20, 2019 1:55 AM

It corresponds to the thoughts and things that I can share in 10 minutes from June 20, 2019.

I submitted the notes from my work at 10 PM. They were not that good today. I only worked for 4 hours 45 minutes, between reading and writing. It is not enough for two pages of work.

However, the topic that I am working on is extremely interesting for me. It is about the history and theory of watershed planning.

Regarding my practical realization, adding a figure might center the attention of the text on them. I see that for an essay on history and theory were my main goals are to narrate and to argue, figure would be distractive. In general my readers are looking more than I can develop my logic, critic, and argument, than to base things on a figure. In general I will add the figures, if I need as appendix. Normally, I will have figures when I produce my analysis, but that will come later. Then, the figures will be important to summarize the numbers. Figures and conceptual charts are beautiful, as a beautiful well written, continuous, and engaging story is as well. It will be a change from skimming articles, where often the figures, would give me an idea of it before reading it in detail, to articles which just argument they points beautifully in words. These latter ones are more common in the social sciences, and plenty of the material that I cover on planning has to be with the purpose, and analysis of the objectives, where the philosophical, and socio-economic aspects play an important role.

In other aspect, and although, it would have the overall that the literature, I am currently reading is also plain text. I invested part of my side time on reading the introduction to the book Confessions, by Saint Augustine de Hippo. The introduction provides a biography about Saint Augustine life, who came from Africa, as at some point all of us came. Saint Augustine, to my yet, little knowledge, connected in the 4th century theologies from the Greek and Roman Catholic thinking. A gifted person, in search of the true, and as many of us, with plenty of sins, or errors, but who acknowledged them, and moved forward. the dismissal of his concubine, is a extremely hard thing, which stroke me, but that might have been his way, and also to analyze things, we need to think what was culture of his time. I learned about the Manichee religion through his mid-life, which he found out that was not the way, and renounced to convert into Catholics, where he made major contributions, as the book of Confessions and the City of God.

I also read few pages from the Acting Person by Wojtyla.

Regarding the day. I went to bed around 3 AM, and got up at 11:30 AM. Both extremely late. I cooked rice, made breakfast, got food for lunch and dinner at poulet. I stated to work on campus at 5:30 PM, prior that I skimmed the news, read few of them, read the Confessions book by Augustine, and interacted on a logistic by e-mail. This a call for improve efficiency.

Anyways, it seems that Wojtyla was influential to free man from only materialism ideology, often regarded to Marx philosophy. Though for me is too shallow to talk from Marx yet.

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