Journal 6/21/’19

Berkeley, Saturday, June 22, 2019 00:52 AM

It belongs to notes about my June 21 day that I am reporting quickly to myself in call for action, and to correct the schedule back to normal, acknowledging that this is a public space. Beyond the shift of the schedule the habits have been great.

I got home, i think around 11:30 PM. At least earlier than prior days. I submitted my work by 10 PM as usual, wrote a little more, and explore articles on theory, until I deviate to a New Yorker’s article on Theorist-in-Chief, which was very interesting, but after reading three paragraphs, I just realize that I deviate from my work, so better go home, and read it there.

After arriving home or the studio where I live, I fixed the blinds, from which a strong light reflector has been penetrating, from which I was not aware beyond last week. I am in this studio already 6 months. So I do not if this a new light reflector in the multiple nice building in front, or just I did not realized. I also broke a blind three days ago, but I fixed then, it does not require replacement. Or that also can be part of the issue. I closed the spaces between blinds by taping them, and pasted two newspapers to fully close the light infiltration. It has also caught my attention that my homeless neighbor is not there any more, in the bench next to the bus stop in that business, since two days ago. Three and four days ago he got his bike with him while sleeping. Then, I also do not know if the reflector is new, with that purpose, to keep that place clear all night, where will be hard to sleep. Or I really did not noticed about the reflector, and he moved to his next survival stop. The second last hypothesis sounds more realistic.

Then, I read a couple of paragraphs more on the article about Afghanistan president, Ashraf Ghani. A well written biography. President Ghani indeed, seems, because I do not him personally, to be a very interesting and capable person. I am happy for my Fulbright Afghanistan friends, who I met in the pre-academic program in Ohio, before coming to Berkeley.

Last night I went to bed at 3:50 AM, which is extremely late, and so I woke up at 11 AM. I cooked rice for lunch and dinner, tosted the bread, boiled water for brewing coffee, and went downstairs to pick up the New York Times. The Op-Ed article that I skimmed with more attention was about the Wishful Thinking on Venezuela, and how the analysis on why Maduro is still on power. The author argues that people in need does not have time to focus on what is right or wrong rather than the day to day survival. Further after a shower, I read Aquinas, which I am reading in the mornings, prayed, read the Psalms, and learned a bit more about the Novena background, from pocket book I have in this purpose.

I got food for lunch and dinner, at the poulet. Ate lunch at home. I went to campus at 3:45 PM. Scanned material for a reimbursement. Have a meeting at 4:45 PM.

Then, I further advanced in my History and Theory paper until 10 PM, and then a further more until 10:45 PM. While there is theorist in different specific areas, the discipline of planning aims to bring all these specific areas of knowledge to [future] action. I got back my methods paper, with plenty of edits, I definitely need to improve much more my English language, grammar, and style. While that is at technical paper on topics on fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, and environmental engineering. In the history and theory paper I am covering plenty of social aspects, from which I am an advocate.

Over, lunch, I also listened to Bishop Barron’s comments on biblical religion. Likely, my question that I was trying to find answer on his habits or advice on reading the Bible, more than the purpose. St. Anthony of Padua was known for recalling very well the biblical texts on his speeches, and that is something that you cannot do it in one reading. There is plenty of readings that one can grasp reading it in a second and further recurrent reading cycles. It is a daily teaching book of books, piece by piece.

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