Journal 6/19/’19

Berkeley, Thursday June 20, 2019 12:39 AM

This post belongs to the day of Wednesday June 19, 2019. I also have updated the title of two last days journals. I wrote in their titles the actual date when I was writing, which has a lag time of about 1 hour. It is presented to write at the end of the calendar day, but I have shifted my bed time with about two hours. Now I am writing those essays in the beginning of the calendar day, but still before my bed time.

It is incredible that is Thursday already. Half week, is gone, but I have not yet came to the half of the essay on history and theory yet; though I submitted my methods essay already.

I have not bought the Tolkien books yet, because the methods paper is under review now.

In my side time, I invested 45 minutes on trying to remember the second book that opened my mind that I read in Summer 2008. The first was easy to remember might be because the author was much more famous, A brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. But from the second I just remember the wonderful story of the human journey over 80,000 years from Eve Mitochondrial from Africa to all the migration places that we, his/her descendants, have currently settled. I read both of the books in Spanish. So in the search for the title of the second book with those hints, I also came across with interesting articles on Mitochondrial DNA and Human Evolution, which I just skimmed but I still need to read, such as the one by Cann, Stoneking, and Wilson, 1987, from UC Berkeley, which apparently was the beginning of tracking back the our human origins to 200,000 years ago, likely in Africa, by applying molecular biology, specifically mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). In this search I nailed down the search of the potential title of the book that I remembered from Summer 2008, it was ‘El viaje del Hombre’ or The Journey of Man by Spencer Wells. While after skimming the information, I was a bit concern on how they obtained the DNA samples for their studies, I think that all of us are interested to learn a bit more about our history, life, and origins, thus getting consent should not be a big problem, at least I would give. By now, 11 years after I read the book, I think that in the United States is quite common that people do a DNA test to learn about their genetics and origins.

Form me those two books boosted my curiosity. I read them before returning to Catholicism in March 2009, after being away from my faith from about 10 months. Time after my return, I learned much in deeper, and likely connected more, to the teachings from the Catholic religion, what faith means, and it has been a continue journey, to learn bit by bit, and of course with mistakes, about the mystery of life, and wisdom, which is more a goal, and something that one cannot measure but others. The two books that I mentioned opened my curiosity, and make realize how small I am, how big is the Universe. Further, how foolish are racist people, if all comes from the same origin. The third book that deeply have influenced my life, but it took me seven to eight years to finish it, by reading paragraph by paragraph in my night prayer was the Bible. Then comes the other point that I want to make is that I think that values and the seven gifts from the Holly Spirit have not come from evolution. From where love comes from? How is that most of the people strongly believe in God? How is that people take risk or do things sometimes without knowing. Why the argument of the Third Person has been present among the greatest philosophers since Aristotle to now, which is about 2,500 years. The Third Person argument refers in Christianity, to my understanding, to the Holly Spirit, who is God. We have so foolish fighting among religions, though there are plenty of people who do not get involved in the topic, as they think that religion is irrelevant. Then, why the values from the Old Testament, which 2,020 years ago Jesus, who is also God, restored and corrected, with simple human values of love and true are still valid today. We learn things, we understand things, we as little as we are do things, but at the end to really make the right move, it might go beyond us. Despite it, we are the only responsible from our actions. We are not alone, and the magnitude of events to have control of might exceed our abilities to do as we wish. It is not about asking for help for doing what we want to do. It is also about renouncing to our own lives, and connecting with live actively and with purpose. At the end we are not important, but our human race, our planet, or connecting to our plan with God is important.

The immensity of the world often make struggle with how we can think so limited, and strongly either base things on theory or on the right religion. A challenge, though now is late to write clearly, is how to unanimously connect theory of the Universe, the theory of the evolution, and to seek for God. I think the most we experience in life, the most we see how important are the teachings from the Bible. As Jesus said, “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” (Mk 13, 31) The systematic construction of knowledge is a great virtue. True theories have led us to those great discoveries that currently are common knowledge for us. I think that data and theory are great. A human should commit to gain knowledge if she/can is allowed by time and life conditions, and to teach as well. It contributes to our understanding of the world. Further, I condemn theorists who restrict the human being just to knowledge and theory, and to preach that it is the only true. As well as condemning the restriction of religion to current advances in science. If that happens that would be stupid. Regarding religion, how is that the trues from Jesus, and Abraham have lasted from 2000 and 4000 years. The person, if it is only rational driven, would disconnect from his/her roots, and might walk in the wrong direction. Religious experience is also an argument, that only the individual can feel or explain. Further, I stayed in Catholic religion, because it means universal, second it was founded by Jesus, third it acknowledges the Old Testament, forth it was a great inheritance that I can trace back to grandmother, of course one can challenge it or just accept it passively. I came back to Catholicism because I was feel it.

Regarding my day, for 8 hours, but from 4 PM to 11:45 PM. Last night I went to bed at 3:25 AM, and I woke up at 11:54 AM. This is the wrong schedule.

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