Journal 6/16/’19

Berkeley, Monday, June 17, 2019 2:46 AM

It belongs to Sunday June 16, 2019

Yesterday, I went to sleep at 5:25 AM. I woke up at 8:00 AM, but it could have been unproductive. Then, I slept until 10:55 Am.

I biked for about 2 hours. I also called to my father yesterday to salute in his day. I actually talked with my parents are both of them will be always together, when we agree to talk, or in general.

I dropped by laptop and a book at 1:30 PM at Wurster Hall. Then, I biked to Oakland to Lake Merritt area. I went the to mass the Oakland’s Cathedral at 2 PM, because I also wanted to buy few books there.

I met Sam at mass. He did the first reading today. We went for lunch later.

I learned about a case of a person of 71 years old, who is illegal, and who got cancer, but cannot get treatment because as illegal cannot get insurance, then the health services do not attend him.

On my way back to Berkeley, there was a sign in the yard of a house, which reads “non human is illegal”.

The descendant of this 71 years old man are a great labor force in the United States. Why is he too limited to access to the services?

What we can do for them? Who serve them? Is it a lack of information on them to get access to health resources?

Beyond the topic of mercy and look for solutions in the general context. I do not know that much of what means to have cancer. What is cancer? Why people get cancer? How do they get it? Who is vulnerable to it?

My current knowledge on it is not that deeper than the production of malign cells in ones body.

On my way to Berkeley Campus, I also made a stop in Moe’s Book. Great 4 story library. I went there because I wanted to get a book from C.S. Lewis, one from Plato, and if I found an agenda/planner. I got those an also a local newspaper that one can get only in the Berkeley bookstores, or delivered to home: The Berkeley Times. It publishes 24 times per year. I skimmed it. I found partly a part that I was looking that I do not get in the New York Times, is what are the events and updates happening at the community level in Berkeley. The newspaper is very basic, but it has that community purpose. While in the New York Times I get the major updates in the nation, world, interesting op-ed sections, which is the one that I focus more, and learn a bit of everything while skimming through the paper.

Yesterday, Katelyn Beaty, wrote an opinion article titled How Should Christians Have Sex?, where she argues that many of the puritans methods are bullshit, particularly for a single person after the 30s. She mentioned that the author of the book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris, publicly apologized and actually discontinued the publication of this book and the two following books, because he thinks those are not longer applicable. I actually read about half of Harris book in 2014, while I was living in Leuven, and I also bought the other two books. I did not reading them for lack of time, on which I was reading the first when I could. Thankfully, in my separate reading at that time, I was reading the bible, which I finished reading for the first time in 2017. I said luckily because, the Bible teaches to find the true, while Harris book seems to condition oneself. I do not think I applied his or look for applying his teachings up to where I read it, however, I did not date that year. I think everyone seeks more love than pleasure, and that is pure. However, either for lack of understanding, clarity, experience, direction, we can be weak, and look for pleasure rather than love. I think that suffering and experiences build up strength and more respect to own body and spirit and to others as well. Perhaps some good listeners or who good educated in advance on the topic can get to that point without suffering. Suffering is part of love, as love looks for the good, and who suffers wants happiness and to evolve. While I have not read the book yet, but just few internet articles about the Theology of the Body by Karol Wojtyla, which name by the way can be simpler, as Love and Responsibility as Karol Wojtyla, as he named after finishing his studies. Karol Wojtyla, who was Pope John Paul II from 1978 until his decease in 2005, to my current knowledge studied two doctoral degrees in Philosophy and Theology, and he focused on topics on sexuality. He also wrote a book named the Acting Person. And further, to my current knowledge, his preaches and teachings on sexuality, when he was Summum Pontificem were baptized with the name of Theology of the Body or Man and Woman He Created Them. I think that Wojtyla teachings are the way on this topic. Further, Beaty question mislead the audience. While she is looking it from a Christian Protestant view, we cannot label how an ‘affiliate’ to a dogma should act. The search of the truth is applicable to everyone, and she agree with that. Further from the content of her article which is already covered above, I would rather post a title, who says how relevant is the Theology of the Body in the current times?, rather than How relevant is it for christians.

At Moe’s bookstore, I got a book from C.S. Lewis, which title is the pilgrim regress. I also got another copy of the Little Prince, I think it is the third that I have gotten.

Regarding Lewis, I ended up with his reference by reading article from Peter Kreeft. I did not about him before, neither for Tolkien, whose name I did not know, but yes about the existence of his famous books converted in movies. I got his reference by reading or watching a short video from bishop Barron. Plenty of exiting things to learn and to read in the separate time.

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