Journal 6/15/’19

Berkeley, Sunday June 16, 2019 3:05 AM – Fathers’ day

This post is about Saturday, June 15, 2019

I arrived home from campus around 2:25 AM.

I submitted a document with some progress and few edits at 10 PM, but that was too few for my my scope today. I am lucky and grateful I will get a proof-reader tomorrow, so I pushed it as much I could to almost complete. There are still two sections that requires further editing.

I am struggling, if should advance it, tomorrow, which actually today, Sunday, my day off, or should I advance to it. I have other few task to do, as well that have left to Sundays since I am in this writing challenge, such us reimbursements for me and for others from a previous job.

When I got home, I was hungry so I ate three apples and two loaves of frozen bread. It is not that like the bread in that way. First, I was not expecting to eat at that time. So, I was not willing to toast it. I guess I did not put that much thought neither hesitation on it. SO I just took the bread and ate it as it was. While I have done it rarely since I am in Berkeley, particularly at the studio, where I have a kitchen as prior December 15, 2018, I was living in a dorm in International House, it is not the first time that ate frozen bread. It at least tastes good, and was not that frozen. I have done that few times, in Cuenca, where the bread was also good or better than the one I ate today, and other few rare times in Belgium, where I use to buy semi-baked bread. Then it was a problem. It of course was tasteless or uneatable before eaten. It will take 8 minutes to bake it. I guess the problem is to stay up late working, when one starts to become hungry. I should have other snacks around. I just ran out my 100% percentage chocolate, more is on the way to come, and I have not have time to go to the Student Food Collective store where I found a 100% or at least a 85% cacao, which is a good chocolate.

A problem of eating the chocolate late would be that it will keep me up. I need to learn that. I never have had an insomnia problem in life luckily. Just several nights to stay up all night for working, or short nights on that. But when I sleep I do deeply. An example has been these recent 8 hours of sleep in recent weeks. The problem is that I have shifted the schedule to a night owl.

At the streets once see several things. I just evidenced a heartbreaking scene. After finishing my described snacks, I went to close the blinds, and set up to write my blog before sleeping. Since about a month and a half at least, I always have seen someone sleeping in the bench in the other side of the street, next to the bus stop, and the Thai restaurant. The person sleeps in a red sleeping bag. Early in morning is gone. I do not at what time to be honest, but I have not seen him at 8 AM.

Tonight it was a bit cold, with a soft rainfall at that time. It took my attention that someone wearing black clothes was standing and maneuvering stuff in benches at the other side of the sidewalk, which is nearby the curb. I do not think that there are busses at that stop at this time. I bike must of the time, nevertheless. In any case, I closed the blinds, and started to write. Then, I just heard shouting. The guy who sleeps in the bench, who I now saw for the first time, was running barefoot down the street in Shattuck. Then came back took his cellphone and call to the police. Clearly he was stolen. It is heartbreaking to realize how more vulnerable is homeless people to be stolen, and a steal has more much higher impact on them than on any others.

I went downstairs to offer my testimony. The person who sleeps there of course had a clear view of the thieft. I actually did not see any part the stealing, and I am guessing the thief was the person who I saw standing behind the other bench, before I closed the blinds. I went to describe what I saw, I even was not sure if the person that I saw was male or female, as that person was wearing black clothes, and perhaps was either with a cap, or had long hear, when I saw the person from the distance looked more a female. The homeless guy said, the thief was a dude.

Anyways, the homeless is back to sleep. Unfortunately, I did not him before. Otherwise, these scene of the person standing at the bus stop at that could have seen more strange than it what already was to me, and then I wouldn’t close the blinds. I was always cuorios of the person who sleeps there. I have respected him without knowing as he always keeps the place clean at the next day and leave. There are plenty of bussiness that run in that 2 story building. You can see people sitting there either waiting for the bus, or someone else. The place stays great. You cannot image that in the night is the resting place of a person.

I could not read that a potential rubbery was going to happen there. They were two strangers in the street. One sleeping and the other standing 3 meters away, but in the bus stop.

Regarding, my schedule. Last night I stayed up until 2 AM (late). I woke at 11:43 AM (extremely late). I focused on my work around 5 PM.

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