Journal 6/14/’19

Berkeley, Friday June 14, 2019 11:48 AM

I feel tired now. It was a good day.

After my blog post from last night, I stay up reading Frederick Law Olmsted, few pages to learn more about him. The author contributed with a film, produced by PBS, which I watched after arriving from work, and while I put my clothes to wash in the laundry upstairs.

The day started at 10:53 AM, again almost 8 hours. I went to campus at 1:20 PM, after getting and checking the newspaper, having breakfast, packing lunch and dinner, and so on.

I met Prof. McBride at 2 PM. Then I worked on daily products, which I submitted at 9 PM.

I left campus just on time, becuase a fire alarm was activated there. I glad I submitted my products today 1.5 hours earlier than the deadline. At home I had enough time to organize the clothes, and put the to the laundry, machine. I just ate an apple and a piece of bread before that. I need extra calories, for staying active.

The laundry room shuts down by 11 PM. So I finished sorting my clothes in the laundry machine aorund 9:45 PM, and got just the right time to put them in the drier at 10:15 Pm. Laundry was done by 11 PM. I needed these clothes.

Meanwhile, I watched the documentary that I just posted, of the father of Landscape Architechture in the United States. Such a great carreer. You need that mind, and of course with all the public funds that will support it, to create those beautiful spaces where people for any ‘socio-economic’ class can go and enjoy by free. Before life made Olmsted a landscape architect, or actually his business partner, the architect Calvert Vaux, made him a landscape architect, he tried and failed many professions. He did well, though, as a journalist in his early 30s, reporting for the New York Times about slavery in the South. He became a fighter for freedom.

A traveler by nature, and a journalist, I got his book from his observations between 1853 and 1861 i the Slave States, which I cannot comment yet, because I have not read it. However, I recall more than a year ago citing one of his quotes after visiting Birkenhead Park in a trip to London in 1850, which traveling experience and job as a journalist, got his later job for the New York Times.

Anyways, I will not extend here because I need to go to sleep, and to I must push the wake up time down to normal. Writing the blog re-activates my brain. I am not tired anymore, as I started writing it. Then it take some time rest the brain and sleep. Further, I or my brain needs 8 hours of sleep, if I have a flexible schedule next day, to get to work a full capacity. I only drink a cup a of coffee at breakfast. I never will change that habit, meaning that I do not like to drink more than that.

During the day I have been drinking tea lately, it does have caffeine. It is a chamomile and lemon tea, which has a good taste. Ah, while consuming this thinks in a daily basis, I just see how many waste is there for getting to leaves. I have got the tea bags, which are convenient when moving around. But getting settle in the office with this habit of drinking tea. It takes to get to leaves, which I never see, because are inside of the bag, first to the box of 18 package, I get a bigger one, but then space would become an issue. Second, the paper cover where the tea bag is. Then the cordon and paper end which hands the tea bag. And finally, fourth, the bag which holds few tea leaves.

After realizing all these process from which I need to go throw each time either the paper covers or the tea bags, I am considering buying tea pot, and infuser, and tea leaves. I need to learn about the topic. Long time ago I got one small for home, as a result of the 7 months of Oriental influence.

Tomorrow is work day. It will be in that way as much as I can. It has becoming a habit, which I think should have longer tradition that then the 40 hours of work, whenever there were created. I do not about that field. I am working 6 days and resting 1. Like what is written in the Genesis. Although the deliverable goals came from the chair of my qualification exams.

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