Journal 6/13/’19

Berkeley, Friday June 14, 2019 00:37 AM

It belongs to Thursday, June 13, 2019.

It is late, but later than the previous day. So the trend of adjust my early rise schedule should moving in that direction, instead to remain until almost the sun rises, and then go to sleep, as it almost happened yesterday.

It could have a devastating day with those times, but it actually turned up to be good.

I was discouraged by the time I woke, feeling tired during the day as I went to bed at 4:12 AM, but I kept fighting. Over the last two hours of work I got a lot of creativity, also was able to critize accordly an article I finished reading during the afternoon. I submitted my two pages progress, which my be a bit less, but with editing in the plenty of editing in the cummulative pages, it was a product that I feel good at least.

I was able to express my criteria, and to provide free thinking, which is hard, when working with a giving topic. The fight of ideas, which I had fought for over 14 months, is back. I am with the courage to do it.

I feel grateful with the reviewers, and I have a meeting at 2 PM tomorrow, with an Emeritus proffessor who I deeply admire.

Regarding the day, with embarasment I share I woke up at 11:56 AM. If you track my previous post you will see that I usually get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep, regardless the time I go to bed, unless I have a fixed appointment in the morning, as it will be the case with my exams in on August 20.

The problem is that mainly the summer, and perhaps since the relationship break up, I have been staying up later and later, moving towards to become a night owl rather than early rooster, which I prefer to be.

After getting the newspaper, a shower, and doing my morning prayer, I went to the cheeseboard bakery to get bread, a muffin, and cake, which will be a gift for tomorrow.

Then, I went to Safeways to get fruit and frozen bread with last longer, as do the shopping about every 4 to 5 days. Whenever, I run out of grapefruits.

I did not cook, so on my way back home, I got chicken for lunch, and frittata, grain salad for dinner at the Poulet. I still have rice at Wurster.

I finally left home at 3:50 PM to Wurster. I read the news before leaving and a bit of a book. As I said I was a bit slow today.

In Wurster I read the 26 pages article, I had left to review. I also spent four minutes on checking Karol Wojtyla ‘possession; as Pope John Paul II in 1978. It was in Italian, I grasped some of the content. I read Peter Kreeft views on Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche and Machiavelli, and checked some of his books. Kreeft is philosopher and theologist, Faculty at Boston College. I have not read him. He seems to be a clever, with clear speech, and witty person. He called Nietzsche the anti-Christ.

In late March, over two days of Spring break when I skimmed plenty of books and biographies, among the Nietzsche, Marx, and Voltaire, as I was not well guided, or more firmly educated, and reflective on my faith and believe as I am now [changes could be temporal]. My fast approach on those readings brought be some doubts not about God, who Aquinas describe pretty well on his first book of the Summa Contra Gentiles series, but regarding Catholicism, religion which I deeply defend. Reading, and mainly praying have clarified my mind. Among them Aquinas, Dante, Bishop Barrow, the Bible itself, articles I have either skimmed or checked online regarding from Kreef, Wojtyla, rossary, St Anthony, St. Augustine, Michelangelo, among other I have either reported, or explained in a post several weeks ago, where I presented some videos and debates, where William Craig Lane was a main personality.

Anyways, I did not invested more than 15 to 20 minutes in all of this. I also took a nap of 10 minutes around 6 PM, when I was about to finish the article, because I need to clear my mind.

With an interruption for dinner, at 7 PM, I focused to write my article after dinner and send it by 10 PM.

I pushed hard those hours to come up with a product. I happened.

Back at home, I invested 20 minutes on skimming the results and highlights from game 6 of the NBA finals. Toronto, Raptors, won, and so are the new champions. The highlights provided some interesting information. Thompson had a great game, but got fouled and injured in the 3rd quarter. He had scored 30 points by then. Curry was not in his best, but all the team pushed hard, and had the opportunity to win. the had the possession and a shot with about 10 second left, they were 1 point down. They missed the shot. That is life, and the Raptors did a great job for being the Champions. Here, I congratulate them. Leonard upgrade his level to lead his team not only to play amazingly, but to win a a championship. The power of courage and belief.

I checked the interviews from Curry and Kerr. I learned from Kerr, some wise things. Of course the reporters were asking what if Durant was not injured, who unfortunately will miss all the next season from an Achilles tendon injury, my condoles to him, and what if Thompson did not get injured tonight. Kerr said it is not important the what if analysis, they are injuries and that is the reality. He condoled for Durant, acknowledged how good the other players played tonight and what they have given in this series and this five years. Injuries might be the result from this long run. What it is important to acknowledge is how well the Raptors play as well, and they deserve this win.

Anyways, I have in my pending to read more from Nietzsche in order to comment properly, as I need to read more about Kreeft, Socrates, and the often cited Aristotle. I have part time knowledge of all of them, and beyond, at least I learned a bit from Socrates in the book from Plato, the Symposium. I bet Plato wrote better books, but many of the personalities of the time are there. Socrates’ narration of his dialogue with Diotima about was is love was interesting and well explained. Love is the son of Resource and Poverty. Poverty slept with Resource, who is the son of Invention, in a fest at the Aphrodite. I recall from the dialogue love is the desire for the good.

Now is time to read about Frederick Law Olmsted, to who I have become a follower.

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