Journal 6/12/’19

Berkeley, Thursday June 13, 2019 2:08 AM

It belong to Wednesday June 12, 2019, and I am going to sleep. It is too late.

I have shifted in the last weeks to a night owl, which I might be, but I will be continue pushing to the early riser. I have taught and received classes at 7 AM.

Schedule is the thing. I might push my daily writing deadline back to 7 PM instead of 10 PM.

After submitting the current stage, I stayed writing until midnight, because I started to work on it at 5 PM. The day I spent in other readings, Karol Wojtyla books, which I received today. I also skim the Darwin’s book Origin of the Species, which I also received today.

The main reason might be that I woke up at 9:37 AM (3 Hours late). I went to bed the prior night at 2:35 AM, which seems to be the case for today as well, even could be a bit later.

I also did an analysis from my expenses on Amazon over the last two years.

After left campus, and the 7 effective hours of work, which should have been earlier, I figured how many things happen at those midnight times.

I have been lucky that my bike has not been stolen in three years. On Sunday, I put a chain in the new seats. Either a thief about to steal the bike or a vandal had took out the seats of two bikes near mine, un lucked my seat.

My bike was complete, but when I arrived home, the back wheel was loose. So I fastened the hub axle. I shared with the campus police the situation for keep an eye in the area, despite y bike was fine, and what else I can say. I was fine, undisturbed. We just chat with officer. I guess one should operate a normal times, but I have seen cleaning stuff working at that time. i wonder if they park their bikes there, if they come by bike. I have seen one of them coming by car. I just try to think how to keep those bike sites safe, beyond the obvious rule to work in normal times.

Regarding Amazon an other delivery packages. After receiving the recent books, tea, and rice, I have had three or four deliveries, and therefore a cardboard box for each; with other two bags. I am not that clear on what to propose now, perhaps for the time, but there is a lot waste in that process. Hopefully, there is a good recycle trash classification here, but that is not the case in every place, at least it was not in I-House.

I have great books, now I need to finish them: from Kuhn, Aristotle, Aquinas, Augustine, Dante, Wojtyla, Darwin, Shakespeare (which collection would take years to finish), among others. When I am reading something, and I check some interesting references, then I got the books. Another times is by curiosity. I also have got books of the required readings. I would say that mainly by reading, and keeping and eye on the references, plus interests is how I got to those books.

The problem is if I really should get them. I do not see why not, but not always. The economic analysis was good to prioritize. Comparing than one might spend more in other things that the cost of the books is true, but it can justify too much as well. The key point is to finish to read them. I currently have so many. So economic responsibility is one of the criteria, but the main one is to buy to the commitment to finish it. I skim them, but I do not finish them right away, as I am currently in another book, plus the daily activities.

I am currently reading, consistently, in the mornings, Aquinas Summa Contra Gentiles, Book I, God. I also read the bible daily. I need to choose my pocket book for the day, as I recently finish one, that definitely will not fit in the pocket. I am discerning to choose either between GIS, the scramble of the Amazon, a book on energy, or one of the kind of pocket books. Then it will be two.

I have other project with findings of the books, at least with the ideas that I am building, and summarizing in tress and timelines posters in the studio walls.

Regarding getting the books, in the bookstore, it is great, but sometimes I get more than I wanted, plus the idea timing. It worked for Aquinas, even at better prices than Amazon. However, when I buy at Amazon I am more selective of the options, editions, even the amount of things. I can either buy just the thing that I wanted.

The bookstore will save all these cardboard, which I aim would not be waste. Again the access to the books is great. Things to work on are discipline for finish them. Activity advocacy to know about the recycle process of the cardboard, as it is the new way of buying things, at least in the USA. Regarding transportation, in places where many people live, I do not if the final results is less miles in total of transportation. I see those delivery guys coming with plenty of packages. One person delivering the goods for many people can use less transportation energy than many people traveling to the goods. Still that I think is not an aspect in the culture, neither on my decision, when making the decision, except for a case, when I order two keyboards from an apple store in Emeryville. It was more convenient in time and transportation cost they coming to deliver it on my place on the day that I bought that I going to Emeryville. Time plays a role. This is a topic to further explore.

I might also bring the discussion of newspaper in digital or paper format, on which I opt for the paper format 100 times, and I think that is more sustainable. However, this is not fully connected with prior one, in the terms I was approaching that one. Because the discussion is about the packages, and I want to know about the recycle percentage to draw conclusions.

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