Journal 6-11-’19

Berkeley, Wednesday, June 12, 2019 12:51 AM

It belongs to Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A hot day in Berkeley.

I started my day at 9:53 AM. The day prior, I went to bed at 2:30 AM. I need to shift those times.

I any case I got 8 effective hours of work. Outside of meal times, a nap, and cheking reading other material. Well, it actually can be 7 net hours.

The good news. I understand a method for anaylizing the sedimentation of dams, calculating the catchment sediment yiel, and estiment the life span of reservoir behind the dam, until it get filled if not sediment management techniques are implemented.

I will write about y findings and the methods I understood on my day 9 of my writing challenge. Today, it was day 8.

I also gave some time to reflect. I admire a lot Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II. I read few pages of his book Acting Person, today. I also read a short commentary from Bishop Barron on John Paul II, teachings. In simple words the acting person describe that good acts make us good, but sin could not allow us to move face or take risks. It is true in many ways. While, I do not that much yet about Karol Wojtyle, my understanding is that he studied two PhDs, and was teaching before become Pope. He wrote the Acting Person during his academic times. As a Pope, he was active, and one of the biggest challenges and great works I can see, is his mass and speech on June 2, 1979, in the Victory Square, Warsaw. People has been taking their beliefs in God but the socialism regime, which clearly did not differentiated the separation between Church and State. The reducionism of Marxims theories, from who, I also need to learn more, to mere material things, seems that have removed purpose, belief, and more important freedom in the majority of the population. People started claimed ‘We want God’ at the Victury Square. You can see the results in Poland afterwards, which I also need to see. You can see the results in East and West Berlin/Germany afterwards, which I assume are also influenced by these great defender of freedom, life and love, Karol Wojtyla.

Just check how many people attended to his massess, and speeches. Is people fool to go? Is that just people follow traditions, and therefore go to hear him? People go convinced, and Karol Wojtyla was completely capable to be an independent thinker, with a great humility, great belief, great faith, and excellent speech to connect with the people.

We the listeners are still the majority of the population of the world. Why is still hard to defend the faith? It always will be, and it is often a fight with once self. I have learned many things in recent experiences. I did not understand and did not know many of the teachings regarding sex from the Catholic Church, rather that some advices that sounded more like rule than philosophical thinking such was why to stay chaste before marriage. Karol Wojtyla, in his studies, I think covered human actions and sex. He also wrote a book regarding love and responsibility. While I am talking on his focus before readings his books, those were motivations for getting to know him better, and ordered his books. His teachings were compiled in another book, Man and Woman He Created Them; which teachings are called Theology of the Body. The name i think should be keep plain in terms of human actions and sex. Two pages of the Catechism for Adults, US, covered the Theology of the Body in a general overview, from which I can summarize that one is called to not be alone, of course, love, which is the ultimate purpose, witness total self-giving of one-self, man, to woman.

Indeed one body is a gift, and one should be give completely, to the loved one. I think that there are different kinds of love, and part of the process with the other person, is know deeply that person, to marry. In that process one can enjoy and suffer, and if things go well. One can give forever, after the sacred sacrament of marriage.

In a final comment, in a bible studied I learned 8 or 9 years ago by the preacher that Genesis was not true. However, I see many citations based on Genesis. God purpose and bad purpose citing it. Furthermore the 6 days work and one day off makes practical sense to work ethics. Further, the metamorphic narrative of the creation might support the Theology of the Creator. As we understand better science, and the world still we can learn from Genesis. It does not refutes the Big Bang Theory. My current knowledge of the Origin of the Species, and the theory of the evolution, which a-priori support, and my current knwoledge of the bible books, does not allow me yet to make the connections. William Craig Lane does, but I have not read him in that topic, that much.

I touch the Genesis topic, because I was asked and shared about 10 months ago, that it was the great first ‘Catholic’ story that she learned. I said my knowledge at was tough in that seminar, that Genesis content cannot be proved. However, I will remove my learning that it is wrong. There are important teachings in it.

Regarding the food from today:

I cooked rice, which interestly the rice cooker spends almost two hours cooking it, but I saved it for tomorrow. I ate normal breakfast, and bought a pint of grain salad, which I think is expensive $9.00 though it is good. I bought a kind of big empanada, with of course chicken inside, not because I particularly like chicken, but because I bouth it at poulet. I also got for dinner a vegetarian frittata, which is delicious. I ate that at dinner, with about 3/8 of the pint that I left from the grain salad from lunch. I am glad I wrote the dinner, because before I thought it was fritada, which is a good dish of fried pork in Spanish, but it actually this Italian one is frittata.

I got to campus at 2:50 PM.

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