Journal 6/10/’19

Berkeley, Tuesday, June 11, 2019 00:25 AM

It belongs to Monday June 10, 2019

Today it was a hot day. I hate to describe just qualitatively, however, I have not checked the actual temperature, nor the news related to it, nor I will do it now.

Yesterday, I went to bed around 1:30 AM. I should bring those times earlier. Subsequently, I woke up at 10 AM. Such as embarrassment. Anyways, still it was a very active and productive day. I got 5.5 to 6 hours of effective work, and also invested 45 minutes on organizing my desk. I need to organize it further.

In the ‘morning’, I got the newspaper, made and ate breakfast. Made the dished from the breakfast. Read the newspaper. Made the bed. Got a shower. Made a morning prayer. Congratulate a friend who graduated from his PhD at the Imperial College. Checked about the advanced tennis lessons on campus. Decided to take them packed my school material and tennis stuff, and finally got to campus around 1:30 PM. Oh I also had lunch at 12:30 PM, and packed dinner. Still, it is 3 hours a half, I should leave earlier, even counting the cooking time. Will see how it goes tomorrow.

Today, I got lunch and dinner from poulet. Kale slaw salad and grilled chicken.

I stopped around 1:45 PM at Moses Hall to check if was there a poster from the workshop from May 29-30.

I arrived to Wurster at 2 PM, organized my desk, and worked on reservoir sedimentation and the downstream impacts from dams. I submitted my work at 10 PM. I arrived home at 10:27 PM. The bike which parks every day in the cafe next door, which is the same than Jian’s former bike, it is not Jian’s bike. I recognized it by the hub axles of the wheels. I answered that curiosity.

Today, the rice and Michelangelo’s biography arrived.

Ah the tennis lessons were suspended. I left my rackets on campus. With biking, I might be doing 5 hours of exercise per week, which is OK. Will see, playing tennis is not only about exercising, most importantly is the competitiveness at good feeling that comes with it.

Arriving home, I invested about 12 to 15 minutes checking the news and highlights about the NBA finals. I have not been a big fan of watching sports since around 2009, because often it is long, and might be a too passive activity. Still, I am interested to be updated on results. It impressed me the quick mental thinking of Curry for finding 3-points slots and shooting right away. Under the pressure that they are handing at that time. There is indeed a unique skill and mindset. Too bad that Durant got injured. An unlucky action. Warriors won. Next game, game 6, is in Oakland. The series is 3-2 for the Raptors.

I ate two loaves of bread and a grapefruit. And then read part of Michelangelo biography.

Few things to say:

I am back on track on my work, working at a good speed, after a not that effective late March, a tumultuous April, which was not that effective, and a OK May.

Life is great.

I precipitated things in late March, and I might not conducted things in the right direction. I might have reduced my praying times during March and February. I got some doubts in mid April, overall I did not understand many important things, which seems that I am understanding now. I look forward to read the theology of the body. So far Thomas Aquinas influence might be beneficial as well, though lengthy. He was great. Furthermore, nothing like the learnings and reflections from the prayer, and so nothing like God Himself.

Two things that explains my decisions from late March, and the period from before to April, was to fulfill a request of a ring, which I did not clarified at the time that it came. So, first, I try to fulfill what I am requested, if I do not clarify just at that time. While I was convinced in the decision, the big picture was not fully part of the decision, and in the rush of many things to do, some turbulent times came. Second, while still not on the decision, I was not willing to delay that request, neither to give up on any of the discussed plans.

Time to sleep. Tomorrow is a day of data collection and calculation on reservoir sedimentation on around 2 dam case studies. I need to complete my daily writing challenge with that material as well. So more learnings about sediments rivers, and dams to come tomorrow.

I will cook lunch and dinner in the morning.

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