Journal 6/9/’19

Berkeley, Monday June 10, 2019 12:52 AM

It belongs to Sunday, June 9, 2019. I should not make that statment too often and get to bed earlier.

In the highlights I went to see Pavarotti documental, not a good one. I will comment, when I can.

The morning festival were I live at Shattuck was great. A great band playing almost 20 meters down street from where I live accompanied my morning until 2 PM. i got a free check of my bike, still in the street festival one block upstream. They fixed the brakes, put oil in the chain, and we got to the conclusion that I should change the seat. They have a store in San Pablo Ave.

So after that I went to a shop that is also nearby, Missing Link, and bought a new seat. Changing it was a long story. I helped one of the employees who had a good will to change it, but the bike parts were not helping her. I used my finger to made contra weight to the method that she was using with the tools, still thinking that it was not the right method, but they are the experts. My finger is OK, but got some unnecessary pressure to compress, that just feel to keep it stretching until feel normal again. Then another guy brought a part that fit on the bike seat mounting from ‘my’ bike, which my advisor borrowed me for unlimited time. Changing the seat took more time than supposed, but the missing link stuff is great, helpful and very often effective.

I went to the 5 PM mass. Then I filled on reimbursement form. Then I went around 7 PM to SF to watch the documentary about Pavarrotti.

On the way I filled other two forms. I arrived just in the time for the movie time, or early for the movie, but just in time for the beginning of the advertisements.

Today, I woke up at 9:53 AM (late). Prior night I slept around 1:30 AM (and late).

Have breakfast, took the newspaper. I explored the festival street. Came back to organize what I had in the Amazon cart, because I also need to buy there chocolate, rice, and also got books which I was interested on. Karol Wojtyła, or Pope John Paul II, (i) The Acting person, (ii) Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body.

I also am interested in the works from Frederick Law Olmsted. So got one book that he wrote, and another about his biography. Finally, I got a book I am required to read, which I am happy to do it: Inventing the Charles River by Karl Haglund.

In terms of food it was an unusual day. I just ate pizza. Two slides for lunch and two for dinner. At lunch I got them at the famous Cheese Board Pizza. I am not a pizza lover, but it worked out today in terms of time and place. I got my lunch in from of a concert, still from the street festival from a rock band. Quite cool to see these seniors playing their electric guitars, and hitting the drums. I got fruit at Safeways then.

In my return to home from SF, I got a slide from pizza, that was not that tasty, which I actually was served two, while I was waiting the bus. First I got the bus the bus in the wrong direction. I am not that familiar with SF. I corrected it after one stop. I returned by bart, and had my bike parked at the BART’s parking facilities for bike. A lot of observation in these trips. From hard workers returning home, patient and impatient people, community committed people to clean spaces, and unfortunately plenty of people with mental issues, drug consumers, and weir behaviors. How did they go that stage? What can we do for them?

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