Journal [6/8/’19] and short analysis. More a to-do analysis because of the time

Berkeley, Sunday, June 9, 2019 12:52 AM

It belongs to Saturday June 8, 2019. I just have become the last days, or likely the last week a night owl, a bad habit which I will get of rid of, but it does not mean that I will stop making these 20-30, and rarely 40, minutes blog posts.

Does it activates my brain at this time, as I need to recall activities. Should I post earlier?

I have been submitting pieces of my work since last Monday bu 10 PM. Then, I go home. I do activities and home. Today, I arrived for example around 11:40 PM. i might start planning to submit my work by 6 PM. Then, I either do sports, have dinner, organize things at home, and wake up the next early.

Yesterday, after arriving from the unsuccessful try to watch Pavarotti movie, and making my post. I was curious about the Warriors game. I brought the cellphone to bed to skim the highlights. It was 2:30 AM. Of course, I fell asleep right away with room lights on. I woke up at 6 AM, but I needed extra sleep, either from the week short work, or I was weak on not waking up at that time. I should have. I ended up starting my day at 12:10 PM. Hopefully, it is the last time.

I got the newspaper, made breakfast. I also got half pint of broccoli slaw salad and grilled chicken grilled from poulet. I ate lunch, and the breakfast as well, which means some loaves of bread, they use to be 2, but sometimes they are 4 now.

I packed dinner. The broccoli salad, a grapefruit, the remaining uncured ham, and an apple. I had pepper at Wurster.

I took a shower, and did my ‘morning’.

I also hit my foot to the bed leg. My toe is black and purple.

Then i packed everything for my 2 PM, tennis match, which I actually arrived at 2:12 PM. Too bad, but 2 minutes later than Tyler. Still, bad to arrive late.

I lost today, 10-8 in the tiebreak. We played to best out of three games. While I had a match point, I did not played well today. Last time I won Tyler. Will see the next time. Still, good to play.

I finally worked at 4:45 PM. Discounted the dinner time, I got circa 5 hours of very effective work. I have one section left in the methods paper, from which I already read the material. Still, completing that part might take two days of work.

Sunday, it is my day off, at least from the recent writing habit/challenge. I like that idea. I will catch up with other debts of work, i.e. reimburstments, which have been waiting to be done for a long time.

I forgot to bring the pin for the cork board today. It is easy to remember while looking at the to-do list. I created one in Google Sheets, long time ago. It is not affecting as crossing the accomplished task and adding the news ones in paper, which I can see in the board.

My decisions to make is if I will join the tennis class starting on Monday. Beyond that I need to bring also my printed schedule home. Spring 2019 was the first semester that I did not printed that schedule. I decided to keep it dynamic, plus another Google Spreadsheet. Same as the to-do list. There is a magic on looking those things constantly rather than reaching them. Nevertheless, google calendar is great, and the Google Spreadsheets also are great to keep the data of my activities.

I am also realizing that I have been losing my habit of push ups and abs in the nights.

Good for account for things. Tomorrow, I will organize the desk as well. Other decisions and activities, I will report tomorrow.

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