Journal 6/17/’19

Berkeley, Tuesday, June 18, 2019 1:12 AM

I arrived home at 12:15 AM. At the entrance of the building there were two yellowish-green backs of newspapers, which has been there since yesterday. On Saturday, those newspapers also were not pick up. I had two thoughts. First I was curious which newspaper is it. Second, I also thought on why the are standing there that long. As those not as attractive as the New York Times, which has a blue bag and its name on the bag or why my newspapers disappeared previously. About 15 times between late January and mid-May, after on of which I asked the delivery guy to deliver them underneath the South Garage door. Or was that the Alejandro, the maintenance person, and my friend, or his wife, thought that the newspaper bags have been standing there for too long. I realized that could have been one possibility, after a conversation, on a day I was delivery 3 newspaper, after complaining to the NYT that the newspaper was not there. Indeed it can be confusing if the bag is for the day or for the prior day, as those blue bags are not that transparent as the yellow-green that I saw today and over the weekend in the entrance. As a coincidence as well, after let the manager know that the times that I have been missing my newspaper, as two weeks ago, I also missed it in the garage, I always there since then. Still, it was an unresolved mystery who was picking up my newspaper. It could have been any, first because it were in the street previously, or secondly there are plenty of people living here. Who are very respectful. My neighbor who used to watch late night movies, just moved out two days this past weekend. Regarding picking up my newspaper from its prior place, I also though today, it could have been my homeless neighbor. Unfortunately, he left today all the newspapers in the bench that he used a bed sheet, plus a bag which looked as a garbage bag from the distance. I hope that it would not become a constant for his own sake. Otherwise, his business neighbors would start complaining. Many of them might do not know him, as I think he goes to the bench when the business are closed, and left in the morning before they open, though the yoga place I think that opens at 8 AM. I do not know if their times, I recall they have a 8:30 AM session from Jian’s reference. I wonder if the homeless guy just changed his attitude or was it the same before. I do not remember that place unclean that is why I praised. Then, it can be a result on change of his attitude after the robbery he suffered two days ago. If so, how much damage could cause a bad action against a person, beyond the material damage itself.

Regarding the first point of the newspaper that I did not developed. I was curious which newspaper was it. First I took the two bags, which were on the floor entrance, to put them in the basket inside. It just for keeping clean the building. At the end those bags have been two days, so the owner might not be in town. If that is the case, that is a irresponsibility living in a community to not stop the deliver. But one does not know, so it can be anything. Those were the East Bay Times from Sunday. I opened one bag and skimmed it. First, I stay convinced that the NYT is a good newspaper. Of course, they need, but there were way too much announcements. I also was tired to check it carefully, beyond it is not my newspaper. I checked in the lobby, before putting back to bag, and leaving together with the other copy in the mail basket. What attracted me is the local news, and the community news. But I might not have all the time to read two newspapers. Plus, its deliver is more expensive than the NYT, which is already an investment for me to do it, to the purpose to stay informed and connected, with need of the internet news noise suggestions. Plus at breakfast is more comfortable to past the paper page, than to tab the screen with the hands that might have some grapefruit juice on it. I got those quasi bi-weekly Berkeley Times. I discussed that yesterday. The difference between Berkeley Times and East Bay Times is that East Bay Times has actual daily relevant news for East Bay, and Bay Area. I am not sure if the San Francisco Chronicle will cover the East Bay news. For example yesterday, in the news that I skimmed there were an analysis on the community colleges that have dorms, and the convenience for students to live on them. They argued that it makes most affordable, as they avoid the traffic time, and they would have everything that they need in a place. Unfortunately just few community college has dorms, must of the others have community garages. There were news as well from the California Governors. There were news about the University of California fees increase, which have increased in 70% since 2008. So, now after making this writing I see the importance, at least for me to stay updated with the local news. I do not get these things in the New York Times, though they Op-Ed are usually good. I will make this decision on Friday.

Yesterday, I slept at 5 AM. I stayed up reading C.S. Lewis, and then Karol Wojtyla, Man and Woman He created them. I also organized all the maps that I have, and pasted them on the wall. So I was working a while before going to bed. Today, I woke up at 12:15 PM, which is more than the half of the productive day gone. After breakfast, I went to get food for ‘lunch’ and for dinner at the Poulet. I pasted my schedule of milestones, and exam material on the wall, while I also pinned the monthly calendar in the cork board.

Today, I read at home a bit more of the Theology of the Body. Then I read Aristotle, Metaphysics, particularly the part of the Third Man Argument, which is the book Alpha 9. Aquinas often cites Aristotle works, among them metaphysics. Regarding, the third man, Bishop Barron, said that a marriage or any good relationship is a relationship of three. Of course he does not refer to an affair. The third man is God. For Aristotle, my understanding is that the Third Person give substance to the things rather than to be mere forms. Wojtyla talked about the importance to be an to act. Today, I also received his book The Acting Person. My sense, from the few pages I have read from Wojtyla, is that he challenges and refutes the philosophy from Descartes regarding ‘Cogito, ergo sum’ or I think, therefore I am. It reduces the world to the knowledge of the person, and even it can be reduced just to think what one is, rather than also let it act one is.

I also read about C.S. Lewis profile, because there is an event that is happen on theaters now about his life, which is too late now to get good price tickets, and likely I will need to finish my products on Saturday by 10 PM. Sunday is my free day. On that search, I was more curious to learn about Tolkien, who is his famous friend, who I have not yet learn, but which books, I will get if I submit today a good product. I read this article from Tolkien from the NYT, from 1967. he spoke plenty of languages. He created some as well. He typed on an American typewriter, I wrote that in another article. He had 4 children. I forgot at which age he got married. He get up at 8:30 AM, and worked until 2 AM. He was professor at Oxford. He was Catholic. I forgot other details from that and another related articles. I read that in the afternoon. Anyways, I am also keen to read him. Because of the Lewis name, and of course I know those are completely unrelated, it just got my curiosity to see the full name of the author of Alice in the Wonderland. I actually was curious if was not the same. I have that book here in my bookshelf, after a professor said she understood the quote ‘You need to run fast to stay in the same place’. I skimmed the book for 3 minutes.

I went to campus at 7:30 PM, such a weird time. I wrote about one page, and submitting it by 10 PM. Removing dinner times, and hard feelings, perhaps for not did that much work, or for the topic. Those feelings were gone, after I finished writing a good page and half essay, by organizing my notes from my references from yesterday, still is it way too few.

The questions are is accomplish the task that bring excitement regardless the topic. Although, I am extremely exited to start the history and theory tomorrow. I got just stuck too long in the methods section, partly was some parts that on my view are more important for the time I will be writing the dissertation that now, such as the data. While now I need to master the theory. Then comes the subordinate decision actions. Should one do what is asked in the best of the availability? Or complain? My theory is to complete and then inform what is important. Then, it comes the passion topic, how to do it if one is not fully convinced, but does not have the authority or position to make ask a change, as those are decisions already agreed for four highly qualified people. Then, comes the guilty feeling. Then the stress for not advancing. Then sometimes one get stuck. Then it is better to read but on the topic, during the working time. Then in that fight one at least do some substantive advance. There are those hard days, but the good thing was that there were some advance. I should catch up with the other products. Should I stop writing those daily posts? I guess at least I should check the spelling before posting. I just corrected six words now. i wonder how many grammar errors are in prior posts.

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