Journal 6/5/’19

Berkeley, Thursday, June 6, 2019 1:10 AM

It belongs to Wednesday June 5, 2019

For a daily journal of course, there is not time to cacht up. It is a matter of doing or skipping.

Skipping, however, would bring undisciplinate and distractions. It had happened already to me, when I start writing more sporadically over Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

The good habits stay good by following them, or blaming on myself for not achieving them yet or on a specific day.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I might have used too much the brain and might ate few protain as well. I am having dinner now at my office, in the studio area, as I stay there until submitting my daily milestones, which are due at 10 PM.

Therefore, I have started cooking. Some planning goes togteher with that. I cook the rice the prior night. I have done that since last Friday I think. I should check the blog, for exact dates. The salmon, which is my typical daily dish, I cook over breakfast. Since tonight, I started leaving it in the fridge with lemon. Last weekend, I bought a bag of small pepper, which works well as salad.

Anyways, it is late, and those are too much details. I woke up late today. Last night I fell asleep around 1:20 AM. I was tired, and I was foolish just to lay in the bed at that time. I fell asleep with the lights on. I woke around 5 AM. Washed my face, brushed the teeth, perhaps again. Turned off the lights and catched up on good quality sleep. The big issue was that I woke up at 10:45 AM. An embarrasing record breaking. I hope it won’t happen again on a weekday. Of course I missed my newspaper today. I ate breakfast, prepare lunch. Replied and deliver an important e-mail. In between those activities I think I took a shower, catch up with my missed night prayer, and proceed with the morning prayer.

During the day, I covered readings, edited my milestone 1, which I workes as part of the writing day 3 challenge. I read related articles, to make my points of argument. Tomorrow I will work on the methods of life cycle assessment.

I took a 20′ nap at 4:40 PM to refresh the brain and keep it ongoing. I ate a earlier dinner. I was hungry. I also ate the nuts from my colleague, after more than a year. I need to give back those. I will buy those in the morning. I need to go to the supermarket before breakfast anyways, as I ran out bread and fruits.

I submitted my text around 9:50 PM. I finnaly delivered an old tonner for recycling in a pick up stand from UPS. I did not know one can deliver those big packages there. Before I though one can just drop envelopes. I like the mail system in the US. Though, I hate buying food by mail. i.e. Amazon. I was introduced to Uber eats in the Spring. It was useful few time, but I do prefer the transparent process of cooking, since the selection of products to cook them. I cook simple. It help me with planning, learning, and keeping a track of prices as well.

I registered my home arrival around 11:10 PM. Too late. I replied most of the Facebook comments from a picture I posted two days ago. I will finish to reply to them tomorrow. I am so happy that I have deleted the Facebook app from the phone. It does not help me on my daily work, then why I will keep it. At least I am in three months of crunch time.

I also learned how to remove the suggested news from Google when I swiped left in the phone main screen. Why the phone will tell me what should I read? I might change those ideas, particualrly the Facebook one, because sometimes is useful to stay connected. There are different stages even over short terms in life. I become a bit more enrolled in the social media since August 2018. I will keep my precense there. At least there are moments to share, ideas to advocate or support or projects to inform. As far as the purpose is transparent, it works. Self-interest is not my way. Neither reviewing too much other profiles. This is getting complicated as discussion.

At home, after making rice, I started a new book. I need to catch up with the plenty of books I bought over Spring, and some others before. While I have finished few of them, for the most I just have started and changed to other book. Bad habit, but glad I keep reading daily.

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