Journal 6/4/’19

Berkeley, Wednesday, June 5, 2019 1 AM

It belongs to Tuesday, June 4.

I sent my writing milestone on time. I finally finished a book about of the Amazon which I have been carrying for a long time. It is a big book and great, and so it is heavy to bike with it in the back.

As I finished it today, I left it on campus. But, I brought another larger book about the Amazon, same author Hecht, but more recent. I put both of them in the backpack, plus few papers, my notebook, my laptop, and my dinner. My testicles and buttocks were pressed to the bike seat on my way to campus. They hearted a bit after the ride.

Anyways, my day started at 8:45 AM (2H45′ late). Prior night, I slept around 1:10 AM. I started to work on my paper on campus around 12:30 PM. During the morning I replied an email, and stayed at home.

The afternoon was productive. I had to take a 20 minutes at 4 PM, to continue focused. I submitted my essay by 10 PM, in that process, I did readings to contribute to the text. I actually learned a lot. I should send those writing to a larger audience when I finished them.

At home I made rice for tomorrow. Checked Facebook in 3 minutes. I replied to invitation that I have for tomorrow, and have some comments to reply. Hopefully, I will do that later.

I ate some fruit and bread. My earlier dinner was enough, which was rice and pepper. I was tired when I arrived to cook the salmon, but at the end I stayed up to now.

I did some readings and reflections, on scripts from the Bible, which I will need to further master. I will post those scripts tomorrow, after given them some format.

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