Journal 6/3/’19

Berkeley, Monday, June 3, 2019 11:40 PM

It was a great day.

I fulfilled my first milestone of the writing challenge.

I have also just 8 pages from a book, I was advised to review, which is fascinated: The Fate of the Forest.

I got up at 8:40 AM (2H40′ late). I fell asleep the prior night around 1:40 AM. I left to campus around 10:40 AM, and started writing 11:05 AM. Since then, well I completed and sent a reading list, that I was requested. After lunch I focused on my essay and reading. I friend, alumni from my department, visited today campus, so I got a very welcome interruption of about half hour. Those are the good things to go to campus to work.

I heat my dinner around 7 PM, and submitted my essay at 9:40 PM. I left campus around 10 PM. I made a stop in the cafe next door to check for the owner of a bike, which is very familiar to me, but my curiosity of the case of the bike’s owner is unresolved yet.

I got home around 10:20 PM, cooked rice for tomorrow. Posted the picture I received, made a reading, and I am completing this blog.

Good night!

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