Journal 6/2/’19

Berkeley, Sunday, June 2, 2019 11:34 PM

A bit late for staying up and writing the journal, but I still will do it.

The days was good. I gained some confidence after reflection today.

I slept around 1:50 AM. I woke with a phone call at 7 AM, but fell asleep again until 9:15 AM (3H15′ late even on a Sunday)

I got the newspaper, made breakfast, checked sports about Carapaz, which deservedly is the main character in Ecuador those days after winning the Giro d’Italia, thus, I just wanted to be up-to-date. I also checked quickly Roland Garros. Took a shower, went to mass at 11 AM. I bought groceries 0.2 lb of applewood baked ham, which I do not have I idea what is it. I rarely eat ham, but I am curios of what I eat and of course of the sources of food. It tasted good for lunch, which I prepared at home. Cut some peppers, and ate also few almonds, and half of an apple. I did daily prayer, and I went to campus around 2:40 PM. As my colleagues did not reply to my ticket offer for the ballet, which I went the prior night, I sold it to a grateful Russian student.

I had the opportunity to talk with my parents. I respect them and love them. We had reduced our communication to occasionally twice in a month. I do not have an exact register of how many we talk, but we did not do that often since I came to the USA, particularly during 2018. Mainly because I was focused on my qualification exams, which is a longer story. I think that in March and April 2019, I talked with them more frequently, as I used to receive questions from my former girlfriend about, what do your parents think about this or that, etc. I think she was a good influence during Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 to talk more with them and to my sister family. Again, I have incredibly good and transparent relationship with my family, and I am always grateful with them for life and teachings. For priorities of focusing, self-analysis, I restrict the frequency of the conversion for when there are major updates, or for sometimes once per month.

On campus I think I wasted some time today. I packed my posters that I presented on Friday, I just started an online training that I am required to do for campus, however I did not finished, and beyond random readings, and my yesterday blog, I was not that productive. The purpose was not to advance with work today neither, but I went to organize my desk, which I still need to do it.

I arrived home around 9:20 PM. I mounted the cork board with an aluminum frame on the wall, which I bought some weeks ago. This morning I went to Berkeley Ace Hardware to buy either nails or screwdrivers for that purpose. I got some screwdriver for dry wall, which I just made a guest. I still do not know what exactly is a dry wall. Anyways, it was hard to find few units, at least in nails in once impossible. The minimum package I think had 50 units, which could have been a waste, though way cheaper per unit. I got a fancy package of 2 screws with a plastic bound. I bought two packages. It was about $2.30 each. The plastic bound was a waste. It was funny that while installing or mounting the frame in the wall, I start receiving responding knocks from the neighbor. In any case, the frame is mounted. Because of those unnecessary plastic bounds, I had to move the screw from the original alienation in the wall, as it remained few screw plastic waste in the hole of the first try. Small details, hard to notice for any observer that will look at it. Then it the final angle of inclination was 0.6 degrees. It almost means straight, but that 0.6 deviation was the result of moving a little bit from the first labeled spot. I made rice meanwhile for tomorrow. I ended up eating few of it for dinner. I was not that hungry. I ate few almonds, a grapefruit and the half of apple remaining from lunch.

I will start my two pages writing challenge tomorrow. Time to go to bed.

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