Journal 6/1/’19

Berkeley, Sunday June 2, 2019 6:26 PM. It belongs to Friday June 1, 2019.

Yesterday I chilled out, and I even did not wrote my blog post.

In any case, it seems that I catch up, few hours of sleep from the week, which is not a good thing, rather I prefer to have a disciplined same waking up time at 6 AM, but I will continue acknowledging.

Prior night, Friday, I fall asleep with lights on on top of the bed around 11:50 PM. I forgot what I exactly I wanted to check in the news, perhaps it was rather about sports, specifically it should have been either about Richard Carapaz performance in Giro d’Italia, or might be about the the first game of the NBA finals, Warriors against Raptors, or might be about the current stage of the Roland Garros. I forgot the intentions of that bad habit, which very rarely happens, to check the cellphone on the bed. Beyond that I am tired, it normally will be the start of a bad sleeping rest.

I woke up at 4:07 AM. Washed my face, made my night prayer, which is not only good in the reflection process, but also it is a discipline routine of things to do before sleeping well, which of course. I skipped the night before.

I was tired at 4 AM, so I decided to get some extra sleep. I woke up around 10:38 AM. Extremely late. (4H38′ later than normative time). I had my breakfast, replied a few e-mails. I spent the day at home. I got food to go from my neighbor delicatessen poulet: a salad and a grilled chicken.

I took a short nap in the afternoon. I went to Newman about 3:50 PM for confession. Then, I went to campus to try to organize my desk. I still need to that [I am saying this today Sunday].

I had three CalPerfomance Tickets left, and this weekend was the last performance of the 2018-2019 season. It was a ballet: The Pygmalion Effect by Boris Eifman.

While I found the tickets in recent days, I have not made plans until passing my Friday presentation, which was OK. I went to event on Saturday. I want to check if there were tickets available, and so being able to exchange my flex pass tickets.

There were seats available for Saturday and Sunday. I participated some friends if they want to go, and I got a ticket for myself to go on Saturday. The show was great. Regarding the tickets, it was a late invitation, but I sold my other two tickets to some Russians, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday. The ones from Sunday, were also students. Therefore, there were not wasted tickets.

I also will try to go to at least 4 events in the season 2019-2020, will see.

Regarding the play, it was a creative narrative of a low income girl, very pretty, who had got dancing skills. A cool guy from the same status was in love to her, this guy however was not disciplined, he liked to drink, and to have affairs with other girls. A angel visited him to try to correct his way. He corrected for sometime, but ended up drinking again. Regarding the girl, by casualty she meets a rich dancer, as she saved him from some robberies. The street guy, who was a great actor in my opinion, also helped to save her and this rich guy from the robberies. This scene translated that she fell in love with this rich dancer. The street guy was convinced to leave them alone, with some money.

The rich guy has a rich dancer who was in love to him, but he was not that attracted to her. After several circumstances, the street girl got trained in dance, in dressings and in attitude by the rich guy, and four laidies in red, I do not know how to name them. The rich guy and the former street girl participated in a competition and they won the prize.

The acknowledgements however, went for the rich guy, leaving the girl alone. It opened her however some opportunities in the dancing media, where she was getting some success. Later she met the rich guy, and I think that they ended up together, after all the fights that they have had.

The play has plenty of dancers. There are moments were everyone is synchronized. I really liked. It was a good idea to go. I also got a good seat.

At home, I ate some fruits and bread as I skipped dinner. I think I read something. If I remember well I was checking the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which I was thinking to order. I checked some topics on it that I was curios. I do not recall however, if I did that on Friday night or Saturday. That is the problem to write the post at the end of the day, and the problem of not tracking the questions that lead to search. Although, I remember my question in this case.

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