Journal 5/31/’19

Berkeley, Friday, May 31, 2019 10:23 PM

It was an interesting day.

As usual in my blog I start in chronological description from the bed time from prior day, waking up time, thing which although are very personal, they help me to correct habits and stay in schedule. It has a significant improvement, actually, since I reactivated to write my blogs.

However, let me describe the highlights of experiences and on top of that commitments acquired today. Later, I will describe additional details of the day, and I think I will write in another post procrastination. Which was very few this week actually, and more important, I will try to note on the reasons behind.

The commitment of the day were (i) an update on the scope of my research prospectus as a result with a meeting with my committee and three external visitors, who provided important advice.

(ii) In another meeting, I was given a challenge, which actually is related to the progress of my studies. I need to submit between 600 to 1000 publishing words of my progress per day by 10 PM. I liked the challenge which starts on Monday. Of course I cannot miss it, otherwise I will be out. I won’t stop my blog though. Those daily personal post have been successful to keep me clear and growing. While this is for own help. I am not a selfish person. I guess I need to hear feedback on that statement.

My day started at 7:45 AM. It has been about the average awaking time over this year, which of course is late, specifically 1H45′ late from my more flexible waking up time goal: 6 AM.

Prior night I went to bed about 11 PM, which is actually about 2 hours earlier than the average times of this year, but 1 hour to 30 minutes later from what should be ideal.

I prayed this morning. I did usual activities at home: breakfast, check newspaper, some clean up, and a shower.

I got focused on my work on campus at 9:55 AM. At least 55 minutes late, but got done a lot this morning, still too few for my reviewers. I glad of the audience I have.

I printed 3 posters, I prepared 4 slides, and gave a talk of 40 minutes. It was not that clear yet. It is OK. There progress and I am on track.

I am grateful with the facilities stuff for getting the room ready this morning, and extremely clean, even in a last minute call. It was a mess around 10 AM. So thanks to Mike for the coordination and to Rafael for the work.

Although I got a large screen on time, I did not tested it in advance. It did not worked at 12:55 PM, 5 min before the presentation. I went downstairs to check if Jeff was available. The office was closed. Anyways, I went upstairs to figure out myself. My solution idea was to bring my charger, and to test every single outlet in the room that will charge my computer. I found the solution. It was power to the monitor, getting it from the farthest outlet. The guests did not notice all this logistics. Well, until everyone arrived, we started around 1:10 PM. I should have things ready by 1 PM, but in any case, things worked out.

I finished my second meeting around 3:30 PM, where there were commitments to fulfill. I am glad of them.

I went to buy a bread, as I skipped lunch, and the cafeteria at the Law building was closed. Then I took a nap from around 4:20 PM to 4:40 PM.

I ate some food I had in the fridge from Tuesday night workshop dinner to complement the lunch. I contacted a friend who I might meet sometime this weekend, and I sat to work.

Well, we agreed with to my friend to go for dinner at 6:30 PM. It was a nice catch up after a long time.

At 7:30 PM, I went to play tennis. It was great to discover the live oak park, a few blocks from home. It has wonderful tennis courts.

I practiced about 60 services. I was not the only one practicing my sport alone there. The was a boxer, exercising his movements along half a basketball court, and a basketball player practicing his shots, in the other half of the courts. Improvement is about discipline. Then there was someone taking tennis lessons in the other tennis court, and plenty a of players in a game in the other basketball field.

Then I went to do shopping. Safeways is a block away from it.

Glad that there are plenty of peaches in this time. I got grapefruits, wine, blue berries, almonds, peaches, bread, coffee, shoes cords, and cleaning shoes’ stuff.

At home I ate a peach, a grapefruit the blueberries, and glass of wine. I barely drink, and I have learned since my early 20s to be moderated on it. It might have been my fourth glass of wine in this year.

That’s it.

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