Journal 5/30/’19

Berkeley, Friday, May 31, 2019 6:03 PM. It belongs to the journal of May 30, 2019. I arrived a bit tired to home, and decided to better eat something, read the news, wash my face, pray and sleep. I did not opened the computer after my arrival around 9:10 PM

I woke up at 7:45 AM (1H45′ late). Prior night, Wednesday night to Thursday, I did not slept that well, because I just fell asleep with the lights on.

After breakfast and a shower, I arrived to campus at 8:46 AM (1 minute late to the time I agreed to meet with my colleague for organizing things for a workshop)

We set up things quickly. It was dynamic day. Things started on time.

I went to buy things and deliver things three times during the day. In the afternoon, after helping with the last things in the workshop, I went to Wurster to try to do some work. I organized logistics for the next day of my presentation, and took a nap from 4:41 PM to 5 PM, when I went back to workshop to return the correct key, and get mine as well.

I had dinner on campus. I had some food in the fridge. I was not being that productive after dinner. Then I went to home at 9 PM. The rest is at the beginning of the post.

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