Journal 5/29/’19

Berkeley, May 30, 2019 7 PM

Woke up at 7:27 AM (1H27′ late). I stayed up to late around 1:30 AM. the short sleep made feel tired during the day, but I was able to do everything. It was very active day, that might be one of the reasons that I just fall asleep, around 10 PM, after having some fruit and bread for dinner. I was tired to cook at that time. I arrived around 9:15 PM home.

I collaborated to run the logistics for a conference. I needed to pick up something at Wurster. I arrived at 8:37 AM, 7 minutes late to the meeting time. We organized things, and brought them to the conference room. I thing we arrived there by 8:53 AM. (7 minutes earlier than the conference, but it should be better earlier.) Things started on time.

I worked on that mainly all day. I went for one hour around 5 PM to Wurster, to do some of my research work. Then I returned to the conference, to help wrapping up things. Around 6:30 PM, I stooped by St. Joseph the Worker church for a prayer/adoration. At 7 PM, Tita, from the rosary group there, invited me to join a rosary prayer. I accepted. It was the first time in my life that I prayed the full rosary.

I had to buy groceries for the workshop and for home. I stooped by Trade Joe’s.

I did not have a very nutritive dinner. I ate bread, mango and blue berries. Around 10 PM, decided to check the phone for a bit in the bed. I just fall asleep, right away I was on the bed. Lights were on unfortunately. My next wake up was at 4:55 AM. Not that restful sleep.

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