Journal 5/28/’19

Berkeley, Thursday May 29, 2019 00:20 AM

I arrived home about 35 minutes ago. It was a good day.

The day started at 8:20 AM (2H20 late). I woke up, by my biological clock, around 7 AM, but decided to complete the hours of sleep. It is a habit that have come in recent weeks, but I will get rid of it. Yesterday, I slept around 00:45 AM.

I spent the morning at home. While my newspaper was stolen again this morning, I grateful that after complaining the deliverance sir came and ring to my apartment. Which is har to realize that belongs to me by name tag given there. Perhaps a make a reduced name of four names in a foreign country, where people have two names.

In any case, we will try a new new strategy with the newspaper deliver person. We will see if that works from tomorrow onwards.

I dealt with some e-mails in the morning, work related. I cook my lunch, and some extra rice for other meal. I did my morning prayer. I also reflected on a personal topic and shared it via e-mail to who it is relevant.

I went to campus at about 3 PM. I congratulate a friend on his exam results, and then worked on my topic, with few interactions with a prior work, until 6:45 PM. Then I collaborated in a work commitment for about 3 hours, came back to followed up still on campus, via e-mail with a prior work.

Regarding procrastination, perhaps few relevant readings on a topic important in life. But it did not went beyond 40 minutes. E-mail exchanges took me a while today, in different aspects.

Good day. Good night, but get to home too late from campus. Getting ready for tomorrow activities. I will need to be at Wurster by 8:20 AM.

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