Journal June 6, 2019

Berkeley, Friday June 7, 2019 2:50 AM

I arrived home around 11 PM, after buying groceries in safeways.

I ate already some pieces of the uncure petite ham that I bought.

I decided to check the news, specifically the results from the NBA finals from Wednesday. I saw Curry scored 47 points and the Warriors still lost. the foolish media, proposed as big news that a eccentric woman talked to Beyonce’s husband with Beyonce in between them. Plenty of media made news on that.

Anyways, regarding my day, I made progress with my essay on life cycle analysis and submitted by 10 PM.

During the day, I read about Michelangelo as well, and two compositions from Beethoven. I have started to admired Michelangelo, of course I guess that everyone will, but in the sense to learn more about his life. I was reading a biography of him by William E. Wallace. The authors name just remind me to my favorite movie Braveheart, with Mel Gibson. I decided to watch the movie, around 12 AM, after replied few comments of a Facebook post.

The movie kept me away to this time. I will finish other day. I have 48 hours to finish it. Great movie.

I also realize today that I lost one book from the library. Unfortunately it was an expensive book. I just checked at home it is not here. Misterously, I lost at least two books one day in the Fall 2018. I might forgotten in the dinning hall, or it might be the result that one morning I found all the my material in the grabage in the library of I-House. I was taking my writing exams, and during the bad air quality days due to the wildfires, I bought plenty of my material to the I-House library. It was about three boxes between papers and books. Who did that might have been right, because that is a common space, and I just left my material there. I think that happened just after I submitted the written part, so someone might have received instructions to clear the space for dead week. These two books that I am missing I think I lost track of them before the exams. I might have even left in one of the classrooms, or when I was pasting posters of a series of talks during the Fall. I hope I just lost one book from the library. The other that is missing was mine. I will organize those things on Sunday, as I do not have to submit essays on that day.

Things are moving forward. I should have gone to sleep earlier, but I decided to watch the inspiring parts of the movie Braveheart, which I do not regret. Last time, and perhaps the only once I watched was long time ago, in Spanish.

Trailer of Braveheart

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