Journal 5/27/’19. Good day, and there was not procrastination.

Berkeley, Monday May 27, 2019 10:46 PM

Although it is a holiday in the US, it was a productive Monday, on my stage, it is already a good feeling to work on Monday.

The day started at 8:20 AM. (2H20 late)

The night before I went to bed around 1:30 AM (~2H30 late)

In the morning I checked news, ate breakfast, prayed, cooked lunch and dinner, and went to campus.

I worked 6 hours and half of efficient time. I advanced with some pages on a book, which I have tried to read and been reading for a long time, The Fate of The Forest, Susanna Hecht and Alexander Cockburn (1989). I think in April 2018, I read about 100 pages of it. I re-started reading in January 2019 from the beginning. Then, I stopped, and read it few times in separated times in April and May. It is interesting an interesting book about the Amazon Basin. It narrates since the first expeditions of the European conquers to the the native people. When, Francisco de Orellana travelled the Amazon River in the 16th century from Quito, following the Napo River, all the way to the mouth. He baptized it with the name of Amazon, in honor or analogy and surprise to the woman warriors that they encounter.

In any case, still 500 later the Amazon is a mythic a wonderful natural place of the world. The book covers the intend of many entrepreneurs who did not succeed on industrialize or develop or conquer it. It talks about the local people, and the defenders of the forest as well.

In other time I can expand with a summary of the book, which likely I will post on sowamar. I have read 160 pages of the book. I should start reading reading one book at the time to finish them faster. It might be have been an attention, and motivation problem, for finishing it. Now, I am eager to finish it.

This morning I also deleted all the social media application from my phone, expect WeChat, which I barely used, but last time I deleted it was a problem to get reactive my account. So better I keep it. I am not that familiar with WeChat, and it was mainly a source of communication between late December and February. I got later how to make a like, which is not something that I avoided, I just did not knew that much about the section ‘moments’ and the importance of this activity. I learned about the like that one needs to click in the two dots below the picture, and then the like or comment pump ups. I did a comment to a friend graduation from Purdue once. Anyways, I got that posting there was very important, and it was important that I liked. I never avoided it, and that game could be foolish. If I open social media, I react to what I see. The thing, I do not navigate that much on social media. Anyways, when I saw the picture that I was involved as I was requested to give a like some weeks before, it was already mid April, which was late. So despite I saw it, it was late, and it later despaired, which is fine. I understand the meaning of posting there.

Anyways, I only kept that application, for not having to deal to reactivations laters. I deleted the others, because I was surprised I invested about 40 minutes in screening time on a Sunday I checked those times. Regardless I usually, just invest few minutes, when I need to inform or post something, which was a habit that I developed on Fall 2018, when I became more present on social media, since March I was using more, and starting to check as well. It is quiet time for now, except the blog activity. So I will be in the social media, when some updates come to inform to the people who have trusted me there to be friend, acquittance, and/or followers.

I am happy to have had day, when I did my best. Still, a lot to improve, to learn, and to give.

I am going to do my night prayer, to read a bit, and then go to bed.

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