Journal 5/26/’19

Berkeley, Sunday May 26, 2019 11:10 PM

I went to bed last night after writing my blog post, which is usually is the routine. Often I wrote those on the fly, but I spent a bit of time contextualizing the last sentences of yesterday bolg.

I opened up Tweeter after the night prayer, for some curiosity. I actually forgot what was my specific question which I opened it to check. In any case, I found that earthquake of 8.0 magnitude just happened in the Amazon Basin, place where I do research. The depth was 11 KM. I am not further informed about losses. The place is not that dense populated. I also do not then what are the methods for the latently word dead toll. When I checked this morning, unfortunately one person have deceased as a result of this event.

I have in my notes that I slept at 3:50 AM, thought I rather think it was 2:50 AM. In any case it is already late for at least 4 hours and a half. My biological clock woke up at 6:20 AM. I thought I could not be that productive, if I start working then. i should check those decisions, which sound quite lazy, despite the obvious disorganization. I woke up then at 10 AM, which is 4 hours late, even for a Sunday.

Anyways, the week is coming up, and there are plenty of activities to do, as I have a two commitments on Wednesday and Thursday on campus at 8:30 AM, and on Friday at 1 PM.

I do not think I have procrastinated that much today, but still I will post things in which I lost focus below, after reviewing my activities.

After breakfast, I went to mass at St. Joseph the Worker, 11:30 AM. The mass is in Spanish, and a lot of happiness. It has a mariachi.

I bought groceries further at Trade Joe’s. I am starting to cook now. It is healthier, efficient, and cheaper. I got 4 pieces of Salmon by $22, which can last for about 6 to 8 meals. I bought lemon, a big package of blue berries for $6 which I think was convenient, and apples. I had rice and grain salad, from Poulet, at home.

During the afternoon, after lunch, I did the morning prayer that I skipped this morning. I twitted some news that caught my attention (procrastination), I talked with my finally after a long time. I also organized the clothes, have dinner, and finally did few readings. I should have been more efficient.

Things and topics on which I have procrastinated: Social media. It seems that I opened several times today. Either because I made a Tweet, or either because I checked about the earthquake, and about Carapaz. I do not usually scroll that much on when I open social media, but at it is in the phone, I have opened several times today. In total is about 60 minutes spread over the day. Those times use to be less than 20 minutes, but I have not tracked that well them. In any case, that is something, where I can reduce my time, and be back to my philosophy to open them to contribute with something, which is still more or less the case.

Topics on which I have procrastinated. I checked the results of the Giro d’Italia. It is very motivating than a Ecuadorian is leading the overall classification. The narrator, Mario Sábato from Argentina, is great. Here, the passionated narration of Carapaz won of stage 14, where he also got the Pink jersey (Maglia Rosa), which means is the leader. Here, I left the emotional narration, which I checked on Saturday night. Today, I checked the news, and I recall he augmented his difference with the second in the overall classification, to about 47″. I hope he can win. I will check it again on Saturday or Sunday.

Regarding the narration, please check the highlights and compare the passion of the narration of Sabato with others. While I do not recall that passionated narrators from Argentina, except the famous narration from Victor Hugo Morales from Maradona second goal from Argentina against England in World Cup 1986, a classic. I thought that more passionated narrators are from Ecuador or Colombia, but perhaps those are the only ones that I have heard, ah, except the Supernintendo Game with a narrator from Peru, Futbol Peruano 97 (My friend Pancho had a Supernintendo that is how I learnt about it). I am not an expert in those fields anyways, and rather have tried to keep some distance, to stay focused in my activities, but with some knowledge to keep the conversation. I do admire the athletes and celebrate their efforts, routines, stamina, discipline, among others. Grande Richard!

Video 1. RIchard Carapaz won of stage 14 in Giro d’Italia 2019 narrated by Mario Sabato.

Other topics on which I have procrastinated recently. I think it was on Friday night, after sometime arrived home, and was about to write my journal. I ended up checking the video below, which is part of to Stephen Fry by Gay Byrne, and the question was about God. I forgot what was my original question. I might have checked some interaction between William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens, and then selected that video. Or directly checked who was Stephen Fry, who I barely still know, from the persons I posted in an earlier post. Stephen Fry is an actor, who is atheist, a who blamed in that interview that because all the suffering that he had have and the suffering that there is in the world he does not believe in God. I think that he just chose an easy path in that meaning of life and seeking to himself and purpose through God seeking. Explaining it graphically, just based in this short video that is all that I know about him, I will refer to the Dante graph, that I posted some weeks ago, it seems to me that he decided to leave by the exit door, or stay in one the shallow layers, before taking the path and mainly decision, that can be hard through life to the City of God.

In video 3, below, Bishop Barron, which seems to be a great speaker, with a lot of knowledge and wisdom, talked about this topic, and referred that one has to understand that in life there are several sufferings. Still everything has a purpose, and God have a plan for you. He referred to the book of Job. I read it in small pieces a long time ago, so I cannot recall quotations from it now. Bishop Barron already did that job, and I might read the book of Job sometime, when it comes in my daily Bible readings.

Video 2. Stephen Fry attempting to talk about God
Video 3. Bishop Barron comments about the video above

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