Journal 5/25/’19

Berkeley, May 25, 2019 1:27 AM

Yesterday, I went to bed at 3 AM, and thus my day started today at 10 AM. 4 hours late.

I mainly stayed at home. Organized a suitcase and a container which were with things in the main corridor since January.

I finally found three CalPerformances tickets, which were hidden for all the Spring semester.

I explored some readings, news and social media. Further I prayed, reflected, and took a nap from 6 PM to 7:20 PM, when I was tired. I also did laundry today.

I also skimmed and look for sources on the Catholic doctrine about sex, which for me is one of the highest expressions of love. Readings leaded me to the sources on the Sacrament of marriage, Theology of the body, and manhood. Those were manly references, which are on my list. A source on abstinence, praying, and fasting also came. I also read, and supported an article on pro-life.

Each of these would come sometime as topic post.

I am working on discipline now.

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