Journal of activities 5/24/’19

Berkeley, Friday May 24, 2019 11:45 PM

An OK productive day, with a lot of IT work involved.

The day started at 8:20 AM. Last night I knocked several times the wall to my neighbor and asked to please decrease the music volume around 12:45 AM. At not response, I went and knocked the door as his apartment, there were not action in the first call, but after the second, he thankfully decided to cooperate, and turn off his equipments.

Then, I went back to sleep around 1 AM.

I spent most of the morning at home. Around 11:20 AM, I went to Wurster to get assistance to set ArcGIS in my MAC. However, the student IT assistant help is at Moffitt. The IT in Wurster is support departmental computers and faculty.

Earlier I have emailed the software IT for solving getting a second Windows license. I also called to the IT department at Moffit, though they were not working this week of break between Spring and Summer season to get help with VMWare. I just leave my voice message there.

Well, I got someone lucky that I got second student license for Windows. I also was able to deal with VMWare, and after testing in which way ArcGIS will run more efficiently between BootCamp, VMWare isolated, and VMWare shared, I find out that VMWare isolated was the best. Then I was running in parallel my Mac, and just in a screen ArcGIS in Windows.

While I already solved those things, I appreciated that the IT software from campus followed up with my e-mail request from the morning, and I received the call back from the students at the IT helping desk, despite being in a break.

I shared some progress with a collaborator. So far, things are rolling on, to do the mapping on my computer, as the computer in Wurster will be available since Tuesday. Likely, I just will keep mapping in my computer. Will see later if I move to open software for mapping. By the deadline time, I better carry on the one I know.

I left campus around 7 PM. My colleague Luis challenged me to play chess. He is an experienced chess player, while I would just know how to play, but need to gain experience in order to develop strategies. I have played few times in my live. The game was after dinner. It lasted for about 1 hour 15 minutes. Luis won this time. There would be revenges, or more learning opportunities.

On the way for dinner, we made a plan that while Luis get the pizza, not my favorite food, but OK, because of the fame of cheeseboard pizza, while I leave my stuff at my place and check for the chess and food conditions at the cafe nearby my place. We did not know about the menu at the cafe, and were thinking to bring the pizza in, get the drinks/refreshments in the cafe. Well, we of course had to change the plans, and had to get dinner and then go to the chess game. When I went to cafe, Jian’s bike were parked outside. That distracted me think clear, while asking about the chess and food conditions. After learning more about the cafe, I called Luis, who already got the pizza at cheeseboard pizza, so we went for the chess game after dinner.

Later, I went to buy groceries, before Safeways close, organized them at home, and finished to clear one of the Virtual Machines, I created in my computer.

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