Journal of activities 5/23/’19

Berkeley, Thursday May 23, 2019 10:45 PM

It is almost weekend, thou I need to do work this weekend.

I went to bed yesterday around 1 AM, and first woke up at 7:40 AM.

I still need to adjust those time. The mistake was to aim to rest few minutes more. I actually I git up at 9:10 AM. Extremely late.

I spent at home the morning, and arrived at 1:20 PM to campus for lunch.

I did some readings, search for additional data, I need for mapping.

I invested about an hour in the late afternoon trying to figure out how to solve Bootcamp for Windows. I have not run ArcGIS in my Mac, I usually do it in the PCs on campus, but this week is a transition between the Spring and Summer session, so the labs are were not available.

I forgot the Windows password that I set in the BootCamp in this computer, a while ago. I deleted the BootCamp. I actually will run Windows here with a VMWare. One of the problems is that I was not allowed to download another version of Windows with educational license because it seems that we can get just one. Tomorrow, I need to check those things on campus or rather get a license for saving time.

The research path, on the other hand, is getting a clear path. Now, it is time to get efficient to it. Many academics advance a lot during Summer time.

I got home at 8 PM for dinner. I have some leftovers from the succulent lunch for dinner, which I added French potatoes, cooked not fried, and some fruit mix.

I had also some time to reflect in the night to some life events tracing back to the end of elementary school, and my teenagehood. I will type some of these events in the draft section. If I have time some day, I will make a post.

Now it is time to sleep. The newspaper deliver person left it in front of the building sometime between 6 AM to 7:30 AM. Sometimes that I have checked at 7:00 AM is not there.

In any case, the person has been extremely kind to write in the bag ‘do not steal’ followed by my studio number. The problem is that about 7-10 to times the newspapers since February the newspaper has not been there. Last time was on Tuesday, which is understandable, because I checked it late. I need to get the exact timing of the newspaper delivering person, to who I am also grateful for doing a good job.

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