Daily Journal 5/22/’19

Berkeley, Wednesday May 22, 2019 10:16 PM

Last thing on the day, I am reporting my daily activities from an audience or to myself.

My brain is a bit tired, though now. I will try to make a coherent post.

I apologize that last post, from May 20, I just went off from my daily journal to reporting which videos I have watched or skimmed over the last days. While I went on with the topic about debates between theists and atheists; and about the profiles of people I found very interesting to follow, and read more, the post did not have a coherence. Well it is a reminder to the purpose of this blog. I keep a journal of life, see the front page. Writing and getting out that is a very good healing process. Also those posts are first drafts. I usually do not reread them. Sometimes, if I recall something, I make an update, which is indicated in brackets.

Yesterday and today, I broke bad waking up times record, and bed sleeping times record. 11 AM. The problem was that on Tuesday, I slept at 4 AM, and today at 3 AM. While yesterday, my biological body wake up at 6 AM, I needed some extra sleep for get things on the day. Those are of course embarrassing awaking times. My role is to bring them back to normal 5:30 AM. Today, I was appointed a meeting either at 11:30 AM or 12 PM in an e-mail that arrived at 5:40 AM. After reporting myself in the morning, I said I will arrive at 11:40 AM, which actually was 11:53 AM.

I reported my work and grading. I had lunch around 12:40 PM, and further was able print and organize reports, which from a lack of a reminder or second announcement, we had most only in digital format.

It was a good afternoon, though, I need to organize printing material that is standing on my desk. Most are materials from teaching, and from the prior exam preparation.

I invested some time on sending an important message.

I wrote a short essay as well.

This week is a recession week on campus between the Spring semester and the first academic session of the Summer. I need to access to a PC for accessing to software for mapping. While I can do that with a bootcamp in my computer; under the time restrictions, tomorrow I will use the PCs of the Engineering Library at 9 AM, as Wurster Library will be opened at 1 PM, and the computer rooms are closed this week.

If I need to do further mapping work over the weekend. Then, I can invest the additional time on setting it up on my computer.

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