Walking tours on UC Berkeley Campus for River and Water Management Enthusiasts

Berkeley, Monday, September 3, 2018 4:35 PM

While it is likely that I will come back to write at the end of the day as usual. I want to drop here few links, which I would need for my coming plans later today. I also would say that every change to walk around is joyful, even more with a good company.

UC Berkeley has a beautiful and compact campus. This post might elaborate with technical details in other occasion, now is fulfilling my path for dinner.

A creek crosses the campus, its name is Strawberry Creek. Since the 1780’s there have been enthusiastic people with enough stamina who have contributed to restore the creek, and mainly the campus and people attention to it. Strawberry Creek is a beautiful waterscape feature around which UC Berkeley campus have developed.

An excellent foundation who have contributed to restore and manage the creek is Creeks of UC Berkeley. They have published two walking tours: (i) Reinventing Stormwater: A Tour of the UC Berkeley Campus (2014), for which there is also a campus news summary; (ii) Strawberry Creek: A Walking Tour of Campus Natural History.

I let you know more about them when I can. Will see later how my plan goes. Now, I am back to work.

Furthermore, about exploring the beauty of the compact UC Berkeley campus, there is 165 page book by Horner and Freeland (2016), which illustrates the Trees of the Berkeley Campus.


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